Platform and Retail Questions ( MFS2020 .exe Application)

Hello everyone, this is what I read before purchasing MFS2020.
Platform and Retail Questions on the web.

Q: Is there any differences between the Steam and Microsoft Store version?

A: There is no difference. The sim shares the same multiplayer world and services.

Now my question is where is MFS2020 game .exe application when downloaded and installed from Microsoft Store.
I want to be able to install the software just like the steam version or have an option to access the game exe application.
Please I need a guide from Asobo to be able to access the game .exe application so that I could be able to modify my graphic setting with Nvidia or AMD driver application.
Without the .exe application, graphic settings will be completely useless because the game solely depending only on the in game graphic settings.
Please help asap.
Thank you in advance.