Player Text Chat: Range & World Communication

We need some form of communication with other players in this game, without having to use a 3rd party app. (not everyone will have it anyways).
Since it’s clear we will never get voice communication in this sim, why not give the ability to chat via text.

Range Text: Can text other players within a one mile range. Can be toggled on/off by the user.

World Text: Can text players anywhere in the world, if they’re tuned to your Comm2 Radio frequency. Can be toggled on/off by the user.

Edit: To expand on this wish, make the chat appear in a window/panel that could be moved to a second monitor if the player chooses to do so.

I like this idea. That will make it more like a social MMO. It would need the usual things like block, mute, profanity sensors, friends, groups/parties (temporary and persistent), direct message or public channel, sub channels for the type of communication perhaps (general chit chat / navigation & weather reports / technical help & support / formation flying, racing, rallies & events) etc?

Also the 1 mile range is FAR too low IMO. 1 mile is nothing in an aircraft. Make it 25 or 50 mile radius minimum I think otherwise it would be pretty lonely.

Maybe user can increase the range.

And what happens if you are chatting with a group then go out of that range?

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Group chat could always tune to the same Comm channel and would be able to talk from anywhere on the map. That would be the World Chat option.
The Range Chat would just be for folks very near to each other.

BTW, I agree with your suggestions. There would have to be profanity filters of some sort.
Maybe even some players here with a high trust level could volunteer to be chat-mods.

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The question is how much meowing everybody is willing to endure.


That’s why we’d have the option to turn chat off, or simply block/mute a disruptive player. :+1:

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