Playtime gone missing [Packages out of date]

I asked Zendesk to restore my log from a backup, but obviously there is no backup. In the meantime I’ve given up.

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I lost over 1200 hard earned flight hours and over 600 flight records from my logbook which now show NO ENTRIES. This sim is my favorite program when it works and my most hated program when it doesn’t, which seems to be happening more and more often. The CTD’s are at about 50% of the time time sometimes before I even start to takeoff. I am right on the verge of totally removing it from my $1500 PC. which I bought specifically to run this sim. :rage: :rage: :rage:


172, KPAM. Just spawned in.

Interesting that it shows “Next Level 2000 HRS” and not “100” . It still knows that you have passed all the earlier thresholds.


I dont know I lost over 600 hours pre January, and they never came back, lost all my little badges as well ( could care less actually ). But this is just another example of a long list of examples on why you dont rely on Cloud Computing … its just too vulnerable to things, network outages, server outages, hackers just to name a few.


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Same here in Italy, can’t connect to any server and MSFS stuck in a “Your packages are out of date” loop. It looks like no server is available. Shame on you Microsoft. Two days in a row and servers are not available? How is that even possible? It’s a service we paid for when we bought FS and this is what we get?


Don’t want to be too optimistic. But those data is stored on server, so it seems this server is not available at the moment - which can happen. That doesn’t mean everything is deleted in my opinon.

Lets hope the best…


For those using Steam and have local backups, the logbook and profile files are stored here:

Preliminary list of issues related here

  • Package out of date popup during flight
  • Loss of flight hours, logbook, some achievements
  • Marketplace down
  • ATC voices unbearable
  • Live weather down

Anything else?

All online services in Settings-> Data are off

700 hours gone… :face_vomiting:

Same here (Italy), “Offline” since yesterday night.

Same here with the ATC. Ever since I clicked “no” my pilot sounds like a kid voice and even the ATC sounds slightly the same.

Hello @RedBaron423 ,

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Painful to hear you lost 1200 hours. Like most other pilots here it must be really frustrating.

Let’s hope they will soon get it fixed.

At least the team is aware of the issue according to Jayne, our community manager.

This is not true in my case. Servers now won’t reconnect. Have tried all the usual things.
Not sure why this “preparation” was necessary, but it’s messed the sim up for me.


Mark your calendars! We are excited for our next live Disaster slated for Friday, April 9th
All of you will be happy to lose all your flights


Hi - for those who have had their logbook disappear or controller settings reset - can you look up what build you are on and respond here? Thanks!

Which issue, missing log books, unable to get anyting but the update over and over again, the sim appearing to run to fast…Theres a whole bunch of them again.

And what did Jayne have to say other then we’re aware of it?

You are absolutely right, this has nothing to do with an update at all. This message kept popping up for me without an update being pending.

The newest, what else?
As I said, there is a synchronization that is responsible for deleting the data in the cloud. And in my opinion that has to do with the fact that Xbox believes there are problems with my license.

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