Playtime gone missing [Packages out of date]

Because despite them all claiming to be avid flight sim fans who read this forum every day because the feedback it provides is soooo important to them, the truth is this forum is not important at all. A big thread like this with 800 replies, 300 votes and users losing their data goes unnoticed because they are focussed on other things.


Alternatively, this is social media, and people should report things like broken software and issues with the sim/game on zendesk, but instead they rely on these forums getting read.

Any issues, no matter how small, should be reported there — even little glitches in scenery.
That is where it matters.

Reported it to Zen Desk … not just the forums…

Well I can only tell you my experience.
My logbook was cleared along with settings changed to default when i pressed the dreaded “Press any Key”.
I somewhere read that the logbook is contained in this wgs folder so i restored this folder from backup and have my logbook and settings back as it was at the time of the backup.
So the point is NOT to REMOVE it but to make a backup of it when still intact and in case of lost data RESTORE it from backup. This worked for me.

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It’s been reported to Zen Desk and the Community Manager reported directly to the developers 6 days ago. At yesterday’s Q&A nobody knew anything about it, yet they all claim to be very keen followers of this forum and assure us how important the feedback we provided here is.


replacing the files did not help me. maybe mine are too old since I reinstalled Windows at 29.3 I still had them in the Windows.old folder.
but it looks like the logbook will continue to die after the update

@Moderators can’t the posts about deleted logbooks be merged?
there is no point if there are multiple votes on it

Done. Thanks!

I lost my logbook entries after the update … I read about the other simmers with losing it prior the update. The out od data message during flight produced only 1 issue, my marketplaced was greyed out after I dissmised the message… hrmpfff. Easy to fix, bit as well coding by amatuers …

I really don´t understand that Asobo produces tons of GB of data and is on the same way not able to save a 5 KB file with the logbook entries … OMG … The logbook is not important but it is a small thing of the whole which showes that they have to learn the basics of coding …

Greets Klaus

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Same here … +200h of logbook gone (voted)

Hi StartedAlpaca10,

Well if it worked, it worked. And I am not going to dispute that!
Indeed, I am glad that you got a good outcome.

However, after some experimentation, I do feel that there is more to the logbook than just the wgs folder.
No doubt we will learn more in time.



Welp, lost 62 hours - not as much as some other people here but still really annoying…


Me too - just lost 300 hours, its time Microsoft/ASOBO did something about this!!!

Me too, lost 80 hours.
Please Asobo fix it!

495 hours here. I also noticed my time/distance achievements are back to 0%. So frustrating. The missing log book was a thing a few months ago, but that got resolved. I have faith that MS/Asobo will figure the issue out, again.

So your log book was restored without you having to do anything at all?

Oof, over 600 hours lost. poof

Good thing they’re worthless internet points, but still. Kinda sad. ;_;

Reported to ZenDesk.

None of the 8 Bush Trip legs I have flown are showing up.
(7 after the “update packages” thing and 1 after 1.15.7. update.)

Does that mean it’s a server issue?

And if so, will hours and legs show up again at some point?

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yeah i thought that was a bit iffy as well

I was on 99 hours… boom!
Now I’m on Zero! :sob::sob::sob:

I’m upset losing 280 hours…I can;t imagine the pain of over a thousand!