Playtime gone missing [Packages out of date]

I lost my logbook also. However, looking at the stats (total flight time with and without autopilot) should give you total number of hours flown. Mine totaled 639,000 seconds which is about 177 hours, which is approximately what I had in the logbook.

I’m on Steam…how do you recover the logbook?


I don’t think there is a solution for that at the moment, hence the big hoo-ha over it.

I was just curious as I had never looked at those stats before, regarding time with AP on or off.

On on top, off below:


Unless my maths are off, which is certainly possible, that’s around 300 hours. Yet I have flown for this:


So I have managed to fly for around 200 hours with the AP neither on or off. :slight_smile:

Schrodinger’s AP perhaps? :wink:

Either that or its counting block time, which I don’t think it does, and even if it did I am certain I have not spent 200 hours taxiing around.

And to be fair, I am doubtful of 88 hours on AP. I hardly ever use it.


I know that their counting procedures are off. I have an achievement for flying in rain, but unless clouds count as rain, I’ve never flown in rain. :rofl:

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So when users have said you can use these figures to somehow rebuild your logbook, I don’t think that you can, at least not with any acceptable degree of accuracy.

I was also amazed to see one mention of wiping everyone’s logbooks. Why? Despite landings, this isn’t a competition. Sadly, with MS/Asobo including certain game elements, they have attempted to do just that.

It’s harmless of course, but it’s things like that which have created the thought process of “The only fair thing to do is to reset everyone for a level playing field. “

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You can try these threads and people to ask, especially @SubtotalGuide81 from the first one:

I am not on steam, so I lost mine.

@hobanagerik the only reason I care is because I want to get all the achievements in the game, including the 1,000 hour chip (which is a bit unusual because I don’t normally care about achievements at all, but it’s a flying sim, and that I care about). Since I care about the 1,000 hour chip, I have to keep a logbook intact long enough to actually get it. I would already have it, had I not lost my logbook like 3 times. Once I have that, I will no longer care, at least for myself. I might care for other people who share similar aspirations that matter only to themselves.

You’re right, it’s not a male sexual tool measuring device, or at least it shouldn’t be. But I want all the achievements for myself, not for use as that.


yep… as we already said : “only with an existing backup” , and I assume most users have not such a backup. The windows file-history-protection can also not help, because these folders are normaly not included withtin the file-history (protection).

@MichaMMA unlike “most users”, I have backups. They’re not perfect, and I still haven’t figured out exactly what it is I’m “backing up” if OneDrive removes a file off my SSD and has it only in the cloud.

So what am I looking for? And what happens if I find one that’s wrong? Can I repair my repair? Thank you very much for your help, if I could possibly recover ALL of my logbooks and combine them (assuming such a thing is even hypothetically possible), I might be able to get my 1,000 hour chip virtually immediately.

Short of that, I’m willing to flat out “cheat” by creating some “fake data” because I know that the “fake data” I might put in is, in all reality, true. Since I got “cheated” out of my hours, I have no moral compunction against “cheating” to get them back. No more than what’s real, but yes for what is real.

ah… the next problem then… how can we merge the flights which users made in meanwhile into an older existing backup: Because we not know about the file-format I fear its not possible for us… ( and if it would possible, a lot of ‘gamers’ add million hours into :slight_smile: ).
I would say its a typical job of a support team which get a tool from the developers and with it they are able to correct users values. But I’am not sure about the access-rights… may be there are lot of hurdles ( support needs access to your folders ).

These backup solution was more for users which had at the moment where it happens an up2date backup ( I remember me, there was some lucky users ).

How good it works with the MS-Store version, I’am not sure. But Steam users can replace/add there existing local files with the backup and Steam ask then which is the right one.

well yeah it’s not that I’m comparing my hours to other people’s but I was close to getting the 100 hour achievement and now I’m 100 hours from getting there again.

I have flight logs in Little Nav Map… not that there’s any way to simply copy those to MSFS but I at least know how many hours I’ve flown.

Things are getting worse and worse. After losing my hours and logbook a little over a month ago, at least I kept the achievements and distances in meters and flight time in seconds. Yesterday, this data was lost again, I have no achievements, no total km flown and no total time… nothing, everything reset to zero again. This is a mess and it is very frustrating.

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I sure can relate to that!!

Have Microsoft or Asobo even acknowledged this as a problem? I’ve not seen it mentioned in any dev diaries.

Yes, it is under investigation.

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I don’t want to diminish your accomplishments, but …

Why? The logbook is not really something that can be used for anything?
Why is it so important to you? Perhaps you should try and work out why and then change that.
I lost my logbook months ago at the start of this thread, and I don’t miss it.

The only thing I could use it for is to show other people how many hours I have wasted on flying a pretend plane round a pretend world. That’s the truth.

Why do you need to know that?


Because the log book tells you how badly you flew your pretend plane around a pretend planet?

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I, on the other hand, wonder what the hell do you care why I don’t like to lose my history and my logbook?

On the other hand, why do you think it should matter to me what you think of the logbook and why do you think I should feel the same way?

Besides, you don’t know me at all, so why do you claim that what matters to me about my flight history is being able to show it to others, and you are so sure that you claim that is the truth?

And to finish, if you don’t care about losing your logbook, what are you doing here wasting your time reading a thread that deals, precisely, with this topic? And, above all, wasting even more of your time responding with nonsense.