Playtime gone missing [Packages out of date]

Ok I can decide not to start it at all… we have to wait to a server side message or something ? I’ve read both topics about it, seems the game is reset to an old version. Something is cleared client side because the server is confused. So… is it advisable to fly off line atm ? No internet connection at all ?

This Just now happened to me and this is the second time for me personally. The first time I had over 900 hours of flying time logged. This time over 200 hours. My internet connection did not drop. A pop up box came up on my screen mid flight, and said my packages were out of date. Yes to continue or no. I clicked Yes. It immediately said I had now been signed out of Xbox Live account. It asked if I wanted to sign back in? I clicked Yes. It signed back in, then MSFS went into checking for updates. It found 3 new updates. I let it install them. No reboot or crash of application. Went to Proifile tab and all of the flight hours are gone (again) for the second time in about 3 months. This is insane for a High End (and high price) simulator that they clearly want you to be proud of your accomplishments on, as they track nearly everything. Then corrupt the data, with no backup. Your just screwed!!! That is unacceptable!! I work in the IT field, and I know the data (in the cloud) should be backed up and is very recoverable.


Same problem for me and my brother just 1h ago. Both messages poped-up at the same time, and he isn’t playing in my same LAN network, we were playing online.

On the runway of RJOO (Osaka Itami) with FlyByWire A32NX experimental. But it happened also in the main menu.

Up until yesterday I had logged 162 hours. But when I logged on this morning all but 2 of my hours have vanished. Has anyone else seen this?

Same happened to me today. Did some online searching and found no solution. Hope it fixes itself.

I hope someone can help us not starting this again.

Same here.

Me too. Same here.

I suggest everyone of us raise zendesk tickets. This fiasco with poorly validated updates is getting out of hand.

You mean sweep it under the zendesk? Sorry but I just don’t care anymore.

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Hello @DandySpade7,

Please consider participating the larger conversation in here, so everyone’s input (and if needed - votes) can be consolidated. Thanks!

yes, same here

I know man, I’m with you, but I think I have seen people here mentioning that they fixed it for them in the past.

People on Avsim are seeing this, and then their controller settings and logbook disappear. What the heck is Asobo doing? Just when you think everything is running OK, another bug crops up. BTW, I did the market updates yesterday.


Lot of people getting the same. Doesnt seem to have changed a thing though…

Happened to me twice and I’m on steam​:roll_eyes::roll_eyes:

This sim is full of bugs, and sooner or later we will all get bit.

Received this message when I was in the middle of a flight. It gives the option to continue or exit. I exited the program, checked the MS store to see if msfs had any updates. There were none. I went the content mgr. and everything was up to date. Anyone run in to this?

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Yes, I got it just now. Mid-flight, and it seems to have reset a lot of things.