Playtime gone missing [Packages out of date]

I would rather store my logbook locally on my computer. In that way I can decide for myself the need of backup and such. For solutions that are completely out of my own control…well, they need to just get it to work or give the control back to the user to decide for cloudsolutions or not…


Theres a post here / one of the other threads that says your logbooks are stored on your computer as well, so maybe a way to recover them there. It really doesnt matter all that much to me or I think Id be fussing that I couldnt bring my pre-fs2020 logbooks with me…been flying since the beginning back in the 80’s Im sure I have thousands upon thousands of hours racked up on FS* and P3D lol

True but the logs are encoded. Would love to have a copy out (read option) in the sim. I don’t expect server side information is lost, actually. For me the issue is I want to fly now, but I can’t predict what the server will do. What I CAN do is check the server, if it is on line. Someone posted a link to Azure in the other topic,

@LockedFir76798 all my files in THAT directory are 23-dec-2020 and I’ve not seen any strange things in the simulator sofar. I stopped playing about 6 hours ago, without any issues or update things until that point. I have not started since then. I guess these files are supposed to have a 2020 date and that these file dates have little to do with the current issue. Trust it will not be possible to rewind multigig disk directories in a few minutes…

That would be neat if I had the opportunity to just choose replace logbook from local copy. In my opinon I would do well with only a local copy. It’s not that I play this game on more than one computer anyway. And if my computer would burn, well, I would get over the loss of a logbook.
Its harder to get over it when its due to someone elses decision to make a cloudsolution that they arent capable to maintain in a proper way.

Lost all my logbook entries and my settings reset to default after the ‘Packages out of date’ message’.
My MSFS 2020 version is:

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Agreed. Need to hope that the flights you do meanwhile we wait for this to happen will be merged to the lost ones when we get them back as well. Isnt that the purpose of the praised cloudsolution-stuff everyone is selling those days?

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Welcome to the jungle!:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Arggg enough Asobo. I experience this issue come her and see it’s known since days! Fix that ■■■■ problem before more suffer!

That’s a fair point… the cloud losing the data we put there to keep it safe bears a certain irony…


Welcome to the bungle more like. :wink:

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I dont think anything is actually lost, that is not how modern server-side databases work. The Azure account service tells the Asobo/MS server that the account is reset, the log is empty. and the version is somewhere in the future. Ok “packages need to be updated”. No. Not true. But next time you connect it may very well put your complete account data and version data back… and everything is restored “client side”. That is how it is supposed to work. I think I just wait, until good news appears on this forum.


Love your optimism.
I hope your right!

Good day all, mere hours ago whilst setting up the FMS for the flight out of Punta Cana to St Maarten (CRJ700) the “Packages out of date” message popped up > Yes was selected > Start screen. When the sim relaunched, the Marketplace was down. Suspecting it was my connection, I reset my router and restarted. Same thing, no market place. Pushing through, as we always do with MSFS2020, I managed to set off from Punta Cana RW26 and the message popped up again " Packages …", this time “NO” was selected and I completed the flight. Sadly, when parked at the gate at St Maarten, powering down and turning off the Battery revealed the Status screen and I only had 1 hour of flight time total. checked my Logbook and all of the 188 hours are gone. Super bummed right now.

That sounds like a plan. I will do it likewise - wait for the good news. I log my hours elsewhere but I feel for the fellow aviators that lost hundreds if not thousands of hours. I just want to go back to simming. A bit of optimism will help for the time being. :slight_smile:

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Haha! Yes. Well, to be honest. Spending loads of money for the sim itself and flightsticks and such. Bugs like this really doesnt feel very good…:smile:

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Agreed. Those hours cant be all gone. If they are I would say Asobo (or MS) will have to give some kind of compensation. Otherwise they will be walking on thin ice in my opinion.

My version was

I think that it’s worth to say that at that moment I was playing with Dalmako and talking via Discord. Both of us had the issue at the same time while flying (we were playing online, not in the same local network). He choosed to click “NO” to the mesagge and I clicked “YES”. He had this issues

and for me, the sim just did something like restart by itself and went to the video with “Press any key” and kept in a loop (I pressed any key, the sim seemed to start loading but after 15 seconds or so, it promped me back to the “Press any key”).
After that, I just ALT+F4 and restarted the sim. When I went to my logbook all my flying hours, logbook, achievements and some stadistics were gone.

Yes! Thx. That was exactly what happened to me. That ”press any key” that was removed in some early patches appeared again for some reason. Someone at Asobo made a real bad move to push some update out friday afternoon?


I don’t think so. They usually say something on twitter before pushing an update, even smaller ones like AIRAC cycles. For example, with patch…