Playtime gone missing [Packages out of date]

The community manager has confirmed already that this has been pushed up to the QA team, so there is no question whether they’re aware or not.


Some people click “NO” and that bugged the sim anyway :frowning:

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I’ve been flying without any issues, but am wondering whether i should apply those updated packages in Content Manager.

Probably not, as they’ll not make any difference to what I was planning to do in MSFS this weekend.

ArmA3 in multiplayer… there are Helis :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m also flying without issues, it’s just my log that is at 2 hrs… :wink:

My log was bricked instantly, before updating the three packages.

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And exceptional weather, and flora and fauna (everywhere) and like said helicopters (with rockets bwhaha cant have a helicopter without rockets you know), and water you can swim in / under and boats and cars…

Kinda makes me wonder why they didnt think to use the VBS engine for the new game instead of using the FSX engine.


This is a weird one, as my log appears to be all there. They should have fun figuring this one out.

Same thing happened to me 19 or 20 hours ago towards the end of a looooong flight. Notification of updated packages available, do you want to go online etc etc. Clicked ‘YES’ … and … Got the old intro video with the press any key message. It just looped to press any key. Just checked my logbook now. More than 700 hours missing along with the landing challenges, bush trips etc. Sounds the same as a lot of people and around the same time.

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Got everything working again, and log book is still there.

Here is what I did.

1 Go into data and turn it on in MSFS

  1. hit save. When you do that the message will pop up Packages out of date do you want to continue, hit Yes.

3 Then you will get a screen that says Hit any key to continue. Do not do that, just close MSFS with the X in the upper right corner.

4 Restart PC, don’t shut down and startup, hit Restart in Windows

  1. Start MSFS. You will see the checking for updates spinning circle again, everything loads at normal speed, and the market is not grayed out anymore.

  2. Go to data, and you will see everything is turned on as normal.


right, I click on NO. logbook is still intact, but all online services not working anymore ( servers list, ATC, live scenery, live weather, marketplace,…)

@ Riverrover !!!

I followed your procedure, and got my sim working fine again !!!

All online services are back.

Many thanks

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My DATA was still enabled.

  • DISABLE data - APPLY and SAVE.
  • RE-ENABLE data - APPLY and SAVE.

POP-UP: Your packages are out of date :open_mouth:

Going to terminate it and try the reboot.

Logbook showing 0 hours still unfortunately :frowning:


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2-3 days ago, when I flew last (doing a 10 hour flight from Dulled to Nigeria for an OnAir job) I got an onscreen notification from the game that some folders or packages were out of date and that I needed to exit the game to update. I forgot the exact terminology the message used. But it gave me a yes/no option. Given that I was 30 minutes from finishing a 10 hour flight I clicked no, thinking I could just easily do this the next time I loaded MSF.

Well that was 2-3 days ago as I stated so I forgot all about what happened until just now when I loaded the game. First problem I noticed is the marketplace absolutely will not load for me. Thought I could fix it by logging out of MSF/Xbox account and log back in. NOPE. Marketplace still won’t load. But it was showing spinning loading wheels so I decided to do the next OnAir flight I need to do and maybe the marketplace will fix itself.

This brings me to problem #2 which is actually the very first thing that changed immediately after getting that message about updating I just told yuou about. The ATC and Co Pilot voices are now NOTHING like there were, it is like 2 robots are talking to each other! Can anyone PLEASE help me!?

Also I now can not select live weather or palyers.

Does this also restore a lost logbook?

Tried just now. I got the update packages message and terminated and rebooted and relaunched. Logbook still 0

Same issue here!
I had data still enabled, turned off → Apply & save
turned on → apply & save

And all the packages in the content manager are up-to-date

EDIT2: But it isn’t re-deleted my logbook this time with this procedure… hmm… still having the only 1 flight that I did after the bug happened the first time.

Yes very confusing. All my achievements are still as they should be. I have to wonder WHY we got this popup about our data packages being out of date and WHO sent it??? I use my sim every day so there is absolutely nothing that should have been out of date. I am so disgusted with this as well as the ongoing issues with CTD’s that happen about 50% of the time with BOTH my PCs. BTW the data disappeared on my original PC even though I never even had a chance to say no to the popup because as it booted itself up so I could check, it synched with the other pc and there went my data. I am so PI$$ED. I hope MS can figure out how to correct this ASAP.


I never lost my logbook, so I don’t know.

I’ve been trying to solve the issue, but I must have upset the Flight Sim Goddess.

Now I’m having to re-download 12.69 GB - the patch…


EDIT: post download, hours reset to zero (again) and all UI mapping has been wiped out. Starting setup from scratch…

sigh :expressionless:

So we have been dealing with for 2-3 days now, and we have gotten NO response from MS/Asobo? This…this is not good lol