Please add ability to feather propeller!

Hi everyone!,
I have noticed that many stork aircraft can’t feather propeller when propeller knob/lever is set to feather propeller. I think it something that Asobo overlooked during the release, and it would be great if ability to feather propeller will be implemented! I don’t think it will require drastic changes in FM.

Asobo please add propeller feathering feature!

thank you!

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Did you add the issue to ZenDesk? Because asking here does nothing.

Please vote this one Realistic Propeller Effects (flight model)


which planes are you having problems with? I can feather the prop on the planes that I expect I can. Have you mapped the controls for it? Or using mouse?

yea this sounds like people asking for instrument lighting on planes that just don’t have it :stuck_out_tongue:

Done! I really hope Asobo will focus more on the simulation part from now on. Most of the airplanes have issues. These are the most prominent right now.

  • Mixture problem (well known by now)
  • A variable pitch propeller is not able to maintain set rpm as airspeed increases
  • Lack of inertia
  • turboprop simulation is completely wrong
  • elevator trim in a lot of the default airplanes is way to sensitive
  • several minor issues with a many of the GA airplanes. As for the jets, they need a major overhaul when it comes to the flight dynamics
  • the VFR map needs to be significantly improved and possibly renamed. Need it to show frequencies, navaids, approaches, weather etc. like in P3D and XP

Besides this, we still have issues with terrain spikes, mesh issues, and in many places, coastal lines are under water for some reason. There are also many community fixes for wrong altitude on waters etc, but, with these installed you can still see spikes in the terrain that are not there.


not sure if people are asking for propeller pitch control on fixed-pitch aircraft here. I’m confused.

Feathering seems to be incomplete.

If you reduce the power lever to idle (in flight) on the 350i and feather the prop (-15%), prop RPM will decrease to ~400rpm which is approximately correct AFAIK.

If you additionally move the condition lever to cut off, prop rpm will still be ~200rpm instead of further reducing to 0.

I can’t feather prop on Caravan or Baron. I haven’t flown much King Air as it so under- implemented

Confirmed for the 208.

There’s simply no propeller position below 0%.

Additionally the 0% position is incorrectly placed at the feathered position.