Please Add Keyboard Sensitivity Sliders for Flight Controls

First of all, i would like to appreciate Microsoft and Asobo on their hardwork. Great Job guys. MFS 2020 is a great simulation, and I hope it gets more and more better with your dedication and expertise.
I would like if there will be an addition of Keyboard Sensitivity sliders for Aileron, Elevator, and Rudder controls. These were present in Microsoft FSX. Please add them soon in the upcoming updates.

Do you mean if I were to hold a key down, configure some kind of acceleration curve for it, affecting the repeat rate in effect?

Yes. Effecting the respective control response with each key press, in terms of being more or less responsive. Hope i clarified.

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Yes, thanks.

There is nothing they can do to affect a single press, as its a digital switch. All they could do is affect the repeat rate.

You can do this yourself in Windows, but that wouldn’t help you here, and its a linear curve anyway. What you would want here is that a press and hold might start off repeating slowly, then after a second speed up a bit, then a bit more, and so on, until you release. This rate could be represented as a response curve just like you have for an analogue axis.