Please add locking mouse to control for HeadTracking/TrackIR like you do with VR

I’ve seen that in VR when you use the mouse to control things, it locks the mouse to that ‘in the 3d world’ regardless of head movements.

Please can you add this feature for those with TrackIR / HeadTracking - trying to change the GPS knobs to set a new input with headtracking is utterly awful.

Anyone reading this, if you agree, please vote so it can get onto the list of features to add.

Definitely agree with you, but you’ll need to move this post to the wishlist forum to allow voting.

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I have moved your post to wishlist and modified your title.

This looks like the same request. Would you agree?

Not exactly; that’s mentioning ‘zoom’ but my request of ‘Headtracking / TrackIR’ ALSO includes zoom, so I would say that it should be added to this one, but that’s your call.

Can we please get any feedback from the dev team on whether this is even on the radar.

I have a couple of approaches to this…

Set up camera “instrument views” and use those to focus on the panel where the cockpit interaction needs to happen. This makes things a “little” easier.

Set up regularly used cockpit functions which you find a pain to use with mouse to have keybind or hotas bind. (I use the rotary encoders on my virpil kit for a lot of this stuff.

All those are valid, if complicated, workarounds, but my point still stands - they’ve created the tech for this for VR - it’s not a radical fix to add it for those with head-tracking.

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