Please add more functionality and depth to the default airliners or allow Xbox players to install improvement mods as an alternative

Before anyone says “get a gaming PC”, I’m trying to save up my money to get a PPL and gaming pcs are really expensive so Xbox it is

Firstly A320) only 2 of the 11 ECAM options are usable on the ECAM control panel. The rest of them you cannot use why?

There are soo many unusable buttons on the A320, 747 and 787 and this gets 10x worse on the 787.

I thought I would be amazed with what a premium deluxe 787 would offer but it’s mostly just inop this, inop that :unamused:. It literally reminds me of a 2006 fsx default 737 with a working FMC. Now think about what a PMDG 737 is like compared to the fsx default 737

They’re planning to release A310 by the end of this year. It’s made by iniBuilds so that should have pretty detailed airliner.

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I’ve seen the website for the xplane version of the a310 and wow I’m impressed. It’s got the depth that the default airliners are missing