Please add real life online ai aviation traffic (cloud gaming)

Thx Asobo for giving me the opportunity to fly again. It’s great to fly through xbox cloud gamepass, not owning a pc or other computer to install the software. Really enjoy the graphics and am surprised how smooth things run. Of course the big downside is that we are dependend on your good company as how the flightsim and environment will look like. As it is not possible for us as gamepass cloud flyers to buy or install other third party freeware. I would ask you to consider whether real life ai aviation traffic, including the official liveries and time tables, could be added to the online environment. It’s getting kind of boaring with all the Neo’s around. Also the orange boeings don’t look that great. Second; perhaps you can grant us some free real life liveries, for the default planes like airbus320Neo and Boeing 747. Thx in advance. Keep on doing the good work. Kind regards,