Please add the Arctic Ice (and make the Poles seasonal if possible)

Adding any Arctic ice would be good(!) to start with - currently it’s very blue up at the top of the world; secondly, if/when Seasons are implemented, could the Poles change size in Summer/Winter?

Could you please clarify what you are looking for, more specifically? There is an existing seasons wishlist topic:

so I want to ensure that we are not duplicating requests.

Primarily the Artic. Then, once we have Seasons implemented (I appreciate this is an existing request), could its size be seasonally adjusted?

Thanks for responding.
What do you mean by its size? Do you mean the amount of Arctic ice?

Yes. Firstly the Arctic ice isn’t there at all (!) so getting it added in any shape or form would be the primary goal. Secondarily, as the seasons change, so does the size of the Arctic ice mass so this would be a nice stretch goal - and of course the Antarctic also changes seasonally.

Thank you! That’s very helpful. Could you help me out by updating both the title and body of your first post to what you just said?
I think that would help other people find this topic a lot easier. Thanks for your help!

Will do - I hope the new description is better - thanks