Please, add the update of the crj on the ms store pls!

On Aerosoft forum in the Twin Otter thread.

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I think they should update the Marketplace daily.

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Last time the update on the marketplace was 2 days after the aerosoft store version. Don’t remember what day but it wasn’t a Thursday, so hopefully they’ll go off the normal schedule this time as well :crossed_fingers:

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My God!!!
I read this and ask myself: why is everyone complaining?

MSFS is not perfect, and the CRJ is not perfect - no discussion on that point. But we do have the most immersive FS platform ever, and the CRJ is a beautiful, complex plane with quite a bit of system depth. I fly it daily and I enjoy every single flight (including the GS challenges).

To sum it up, and speaking strictly for myself: I could not care less if the CRJ update comes tomorrow, next week or in a month! Why not enjoy what we have today?

My 2 cents… and not meant as an offence to anyone


is dificult to fly an aircraft that does not fly straight when it is suposed to do so lol :frowning:

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I know what you mean - happens on legs with strong crosswind or it‘s triggered by a heading change after passing a waypoint.
Until fixed, I switch to HDG, and later back to NAV. That usually takes care of the problem.


Update came out 1h ago!
Lot‘s of changes… very curious how the CRJ handles now!

You have a link to the change log?

Great news! Gonna do an small flight and see what changes.

Today CRJ and JF Arrow update! So good!

Sigh …. Throttle does not work for a lot of people ( including me )

Now i wonder how “hotfixes” are handled by Asobo / Aerosoft

i give up with Aerosoft and Asobo…