Please add Visibility / RVR slider

All flight simulators that I know of have a visibility slider, except MSFS. The ability to set an accurate visibility and RVR at any airport without having to rely on a METAR is a must for IFR training.

If you want to practice low visibility approaches, finding an airport somewhere around the world where there happens to be dense fog is not a suitable workaround, especially if you need to practice the approach at a certain airport. Adding custom weather presets is not a suitable workaround either (too time consuming, not user friendly).

Note that this is not a discussion whether or not fog is possible in MSFS. Fog is possible but it is not possible to set accurate fog at an airport via the Weather Settings dialog. You can read more about that topic here:

What we need is a slider in the Weather Settings dialog to set the Visibility and RVR.

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Both Visibility, and closely associated Relative Humidity are both poorly or not at all, simulated in the Sim.
The lack of RH or DP simulation seems particularly mysterious to be missing from a flight simulator weather engine.

Yes indeed. Please vote and let’s get this on the developers todo list.

If only it was that easy. Asobo know that those parameters are missing - therre is no need to tell them again … but actually doing something about it, is something that has to be part of some overall Plan to update the weather engine.

They do seem to prioritize things which are high on the request list though.

I also made a request to make the clouds way less transparent so that breaking out of an overcast cloud layer at the minima is possible:

And there you probably have the answer to why things have become so mixed up and unstable.
Instead of relying on Industry and Aviation Professionals to design and prioritize what t is important, it is left to a small sample in a Forum, to make random request, without any knowledge of the Big Picture of the sims design.

What next ? A Raffle or a Lottery – and whoever wins each week/month, gets their Pet issue put to the Top of the list, and a Guaranteed solution in the next update !!

Hmmm — Not such a bad idea for an additional Revenue stream – If adopted, I want a Percentage for coming up with the idea !!

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Yes, good point!

Thanks, it looks like the request already was made.

Please see this thread: