PLEASE allow us to opt out of updates and/or rollback to previous versions

I’m not a developer or programmer. I never worked in the software industry, nor do I have any idea - or interest in - the cause(s) of all the problems that typically get introduced with each update to MSFS.

What I do have is some common sense. I have experienced some - not all - of the same issues with prior updates as other users: drops in FPS, stutters, occasional crashes to desktop. Now I read that many users are having significant issues with the latest update, to where I don’t even want to try to load the update.

For all of the incredible features and promise of MSFS, It’s obvious to me that the existing quality control processes are broken. Maybe they’ll get fixed eventually. But until then, why in the world can’t users have the option to keep running their current version or roll back to the prior version?

I agree this lastest update is like FSX is back with pop-in and out objects.

Hi @lowceiling2195.

Your topic while it references bugs from this weeks patch as a reason to allow users to opt-out of updates, the issue your topic discusses isn’t actually a bug, it’s a feature working as intended™. Because of this you’re likely to have better luck in the #self-service:wishlist category.

I had a look and there were a few topics asking for the same thing as you, this is the one with the most votes :slight_smile:

Edit: Argh hit Shift+Enter accidently posting the post early… Anyway, here is the link to the topic referenced above Don't force users to update - This might be a better place for you to vote, as it has a better chance of getting the votes needed to reach the top requested features list.

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There’s actually two threads, to @Nyx1819 's point.

Give us the option to roll back patches


I’m closing out this thread because it’s better for you to participate (and potentially vote as you see fit) for those topics. We don’t want to split the votes any more as they lose momentum that way.