PLEASE Asobo: return SU4 for PC users!

I just want the colors fixed, it looks a bit toyish now. Get rid of the lines in the sky, work on the volumetric clouds and fix the bugs. Oh and the trees. My main wish though is to get rid of the visual distortion when panning around. Other than that I’m a happy camper.


Never said that i’m perfect. But expecting adding a slider is just a simple solution to magically make things better is just stupid. So… Never said you are stupid. But the suggestion kinda is.

It wasn’t my idea, I just heard a couple of people chatting about it a couple of days ago. I am a pro musician and computers are not my area of expertise.

Asobo, do not downgrade back.

SU5 is the best update i have seen, some pop ups, i dont mind.

The brightness is better. In SU4 it was too dark now i can see even with thick cloudcover.

Now i can use photogrammetry all the way, formerly it was impossible. Now i dont have to upgrade my system.

I am a happy flyer.


No SU4 please. Just fix whatever is broken.

If that means going back from 50FPS to 35FPS so be it but I want it smooth 35FPS which SU1-4 never were


Well, there’s changed much more in terms of optimizations then just a turned back slider. So it’s a bit more complex then adding a slider to ‘ramp it back up again’.

The sliders are just a way to choose between different predifined settings from wich we can select wich ones suits best to our liking. It’s not that the entire game engine relies on sliders to simply say how far things should be rendered out.

As i said. We can change the lod in the user.cfg from 200 to 400… But that doesn’t mean that is the correct way to do it as it is not optimized to use such settings. So adding this option as a ‘slider’ ingame will only make things worse because now the sim has to swap more data to the ram during the culling progress stutters will increase and things will be bad.

The problem is the disgusting pop-in. Just try taking off and switching to external view behind your plane. Then switch between cockpit and external and you’ll watch the buildings and mountains reload over and over again in front of your face every time you switch views. Disgusting. It was never like this. You could switch views, look around and everything was smoothly already loaded in. It’s the fact that we took an incredibly massive step back that is simply unacceptable. I will be here every day raising my voice and concerns until we are reverted back to what we had before.


I think the ‘silent majority’ want to continue with SU5.

I truly believe that many of the issues (excluding the slow download speeds) are self-inflicted by not following advice and instructions, i.e. not clearing the Community Folder, deleting the cache, ‘tweaking the config files’, over-clocking their PC, not keeping Windows / video card drivers up to date, re-booting PC, etc.

Also many users are posting problems with the third party products - this is not Asobo’s responsibility to fix, and people need to be patient for the updates to be released by the specific developer.

We should appreciate what we have and look forward to an even better sim over the next few years.


please Asobo DON NOT refer it back to SU4, yes SU5 has been a challenge and yes it still has its glitches but the major part is fps are up, now they can work off that and bit by bIt get it as close to perfect as they can, whats the point in standing still, the games got to evolve, the developers have got to keep it in line with various new hardwares etc that are released almost daily, we gotta keep moving forward and after the hotfix there aint too much wrong with it, yes you can micro manage the faults and make a list of 100+ but i could do that with the other half, dont mean to say im leaving her,

Why should I appreciate what we have now, when the one we HAD was better for many of us? I am not defying people who appreciate the new update but why should the ones who liked their previous setup better be left out?
Like many others stated before, why not give us both options.
The one who prefers 60FPS with worse graphics and the one who prefers awesome visuals but 30-40 FPS.

Everyone should be able to tune their sim to their liking and not be dependent on a lower standard.


I have heard quite a few people comment on this.

I genuinely do not see this.

I am not using VR and I can flick from internal to external and rotate 360 degrees and for me, it is as it was in SU4.

What settings have you got?

For the umpteenth time, what we are saying is not to take away the performance improvements that many of those with mid-level PC’s are seeing but we want the fidelity back that we with high end PC’s were experiencing.

This is just such a misinformed statement and couldn’t be further from the truth.

Think of it like this: If you’ve only ever looked outside through your screen door you simply can’t appreciate what things look like when you actually go outside and no more screen.


Not my post - but it suits so well :smiley:



I can only offer my opinion.

With the procedure I use to for each update and the settings I have, I rarely have any of the issues I see posted on these forums.

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Far from that. But Asobo should have given more lod/graphics options in the menu before ‘nerfing’ them (LOD slider from 1 to 10 instead of 2) So this kind of thing wasn’t a issue. If you manualy set LoDFactor to atleast 3.000000 it’s a good start to get back what it was as before.

Visual issues yes, deliberate degradation, absolutely not.

There are some LOD pop in and culling issues, the colour saturation seems different, and clouds aren’t looking the same as before.

These will get addressed at the next live Twitch Q & A and they will fix them just as they have every other bug that gets introduced with every single update. It’s not that big of a deal.

On the other hand, I can finally run my Reverb G2 at 100 render resolution in OpenXR and 90 in game which means my VR experience has never looked so good.

They are not going to do this. They made it clear the PC and Xbox will share one code base. They’re not going to roll back an entire update. We just have to wait for further fixes and patches.

Its too much to support multiple versions of this sim

Since the design of the sim doesn’t allow this, it’s really more of a Wishlist item. To that, I point everyone to these two threads in WL:


I’m closing out this thread because it’s better for you to participate (and potentially vote as you see fit) for those topics. We don’t want to split the votes any more as they lose momentum that way.