Please better cloud graphics!

Interesting. Thanks for that.

Aha ! no Unreal cloud shaders… so how do the clouds work ? Eager to learn… :cat:

A volumetric cloud (or any volumetric system) is basicaly just a block with a certain resolution in xyz space. Every pixel in this volume has a certain color or opacity wich can cast shadows or light for example. The cloud is basically just a bunch of pixels inside this volume wich form a cloud shape. The higher the resolution of this volume, the more detail it can achieve. Higher resolutions are heavier to render odcourse.

Every game engine (or 3d software) uses his own shaders for tuning this ( giving it a certain color, opacity or let it emit light etc.)

You can’t just copy and paste this from one engine to another because different engines have different interpertation of certain data you feed it.


There’s a LOT of room for improvement. Have you compared what we get with what’s even remotely-close to RW flying? Since when do thunderstorms look like what we get in the sim?


I have the same specs, and in VR at least, I feel I need a lot more power.

Yes with vr indeed. Due to this being the worst vr implementation from all the vr games i’ve played.

But this topic wasn’t about vr


I think it’s because it’s an order of magnitude more complex than anything else rather than it just being the worst implementation. Also, both The Forest and Fallout VR run about as well (or poorly) as MSFS for me, and with a tenth of the complexity.

agree, noticed this again today. I would really like eventually to see shadows cast on planes when flying thru clouds, right now for me it seems the planes just look the same brightness flying thru.

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I still stand by this.
Hopefully within another year VR is greatly improved!

Best of luck.Better cloud graphics means bigger hit on performance.Ultra clouds alone brings a hit on performance on some of our machines depending on weather and airport we fly at.

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As others have mentioned Asobo is using their own graphics engine. Second, I still think cloud rendering in FS 2020 is one of the best by far!

I just made a timelapse video from hurricane Ida over the Gulf of Mexico:

It’s impressive, to say the least. Not to forget that this is all "real-time weather data“ - „cloud computing“ in the truest sense :wink:

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I agree. The clouds look pretty good to me too.
They look good enough for the developers to concentrate on things that do not function correctly in the CORE program. I should not have to install a 3rd party item to get a particular nav system, that was included in the core aircraft, to function correctly.

The problem with the current cloud engine is it’s not very robust. The clouds only look good under very specific scenarios, such as during large storms. The fact that common cloud types such as cirrus clouds simply can’t be depicted with the current engine is a major step back in my opinion. They should have went with a hybrid approach: FSX-style billboards for smaller light clouds (such as cirrus), and volumetric clouds for larger, dense clouds. I would much rather have that than no cirrus clouds at all.


and huge square pixelated when close enough

Insanely gorgeous video!

Seen your clip, it certainly looked amazing, also a good vibe created overal.

The next was found in a preset, can’t wait to see it ‘presetless’ Supercell where you want it? Possible now in sim

I’m in the camp that wants an improvement because I keep seeing the same old clouds all over the place. We get the same repetitive models depending on what conditions we’re flying in, and after a while I start seeing the same things over and over and over again.

Clouds look fantastic sometimes, but overall, they need a lot of work to really bring them to a level of immersion and believability for me.

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Same repetitive models? Generally, the sim’s cloud generation is based on mathematical algorithms, so with the same input you are likely to get the same output. I would venture to say it is currently impossible to model the real-world chaotic weather system totally realistically, so unfortunately the clouds will likely not going to fulfill your expectations in games, at least for a while. Possibly some time in the future when we get vast server farms with quantum computing.

The clouds look great to me vs performance. Perhaps more variety / types could be added in the future.

Yet the only issue that was never fixed for some reason, is the Volcanic Ash like clouds under direct sunlight.

I’m not asking for total realism. I’m asking for better quality. DCS has better quality clouds at the moment for cryin’ out loud.