Please better cloud graphics!

Really? Did you see this? Hurricane Ida - Gulf of Mexico (Flight Simulator 2020) - YouTube

i should be inside the eye here…very dissapointing

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Just flew through it- nothing but low level clouds and then white wash at higher elevations. Storms are rendered terribly in the sim. And again, you tell me anywhere in real life where storms actually look like those towers of whipped cream. They can do better.

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DCS clouds, while they look great an all, are just static eye candy.

MSFS uses a dynamic model to generate an evolving fluid cloudscape. This in itself makes it more difficult.

I certainly would like to see improvements in the cloud generation e.g. more whispy edges, more cloud variety, high level clouds etc.

These will surely come in time but I think there is a quite a bit hanging on the weather engine which needs some improvement to pull the required data to represent more detailed cloudscapes. I think the partnership with Meteoblue is likely hamstringing or slowing this effort a bit, you take the good with the bad I suppose.

In the end it seems the stunning graphics of this sim make us forget that this is merely a computer program and it will never be able to match the variety and fidelity of the real world.

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My guess is they get data and pair it up with various models that are rendered in the sim. You can SEE the repetitiveness in many situations. Heck, you can even adjust it yourself, just like we could in X-plane when playing with the presets.

My point is that it could be better. Jorg even said it will be a LOT better. I’m just dying to find out when.

My guess is since it looks and works well enough as it is for the purposes of gameplay (provided a few tweaks here and there) I say a significant overhaul would be quite low priority and way down the list.

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