Please can we have the wheels turn in pushback tugs

This is I know a minor issue but for me everything that detracts from realism should be a Wishlist item to sort out.

The fact that the wheels did not turn was the first thing that I noticed when using pushback. Not too difficult to add I wouldn’t think.

I think there are some much bigger issues that need addressing before this. Good luck with your request though.

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They now turn in SU5

Yes, I just tested this also. I also forgot I still had LOD9 configured, and in the A320 at EGLL, I was getting ~25FPS. Such a hit.

Seriously? The sim is 50% broken and you want some castors to turn!!??

Truely I admire your dedication and attention to detail but I’d much rather see the core elements work properly first, including my sensitivity settings.

Fair play though. :joy::+1:

Please be respectful of other people’s wishes. Everyone has different priorities, and we are one community. Also, just because someone logs a Wishlist topic does not mean that it is their #1 priority, either.

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Hi there,
I am marking this Resolved, as it’s being reported that wheels now turn.