Please check your FPS at various airports with MEDIUM settings and Cessna 152 on HD monitor

In order to find prospective locations for initial VR experience when that mode is released, I am asking you to consider checking various airports ( probably less complex ones ) with MEDIUM settings and the Cessna 152 using an HD monitor or at least with a 1920x1080 window. I was pleasantly surprised to get over 100fps at Innsbruck (LOWI) with those conditions. (My PC is a 9700K@ 5Ghz with an RTX2070) . I have benchmarked other flight sims and found that if I can get >100FPS on the HD monitor, then I have a good chance of having 45FPS with Steam reprojection on my HP Reverb in VR mode.

Please let me know locations that you find ( KJFK is not one of them ). These will be good places to start and then with some tweaking and more optimization as time goes on, VR mode will be a lot of fun - and beautiful!