Please consider a hot fix for CTDs

After extensive testing it seems that the only way the simulator will work without crashing is in safe mode with traffic off. Like many others, I’ve been troubleshooting for weeks and there’s no way around this.

Sim update 5 has clearly introduced a bug relating to community add ons. I think we deserve a prioritised fix.


Unfortunately I think there are as many reasons for the CTDs as there are people with them. For me for example it appears to have been a SSD going bad on me.


Many reasons - nope. Its one reason: MSFS. And they have to tackle it ASAP.


Of course there are many reasons.
Some people have loads of CTDs, some say they don’t have any! I personally get them occasionally but not very often. There are so many variables… hardware…software…



There are probably dozens of different things in MSFS that can cause CTDs.

I haven’t had a single CTD while playing since SU5 hotfix 2, but I have had 2-3 crashes in the menus. Others seem to have crashes constantly, so clearly it’s not simply that some very common code paths always crash.


The main reason is that Asobo failed to test and Asobo failed to implement procedures for tackling the underlying problems. They are obviously learning by doing, which is common in a complex project, but its clearly unacceptable that players/customers, especially 13 months after a full price release, are not informed in a clear and transparent way about the progress.


I understand that lots of things can cause crashes, but the fact that they are advising to empty your community folder and stop using traffic infers that this a common issue affecting lots of users.


Emptying of the community folder infers there it is reasonable that a third party add-on (that Asobo do not have direct control over) may actually be a cause of CTD’s, I.e. remove them in order to isolate them as a possible cause.
I would add though if traffic is a potential reason for CTD’s surely that should really be under Asobo’s control…

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True, but it stands to reason that add ons that were working perfectly well before sim update five should continue to work, unless Asobo has changed something which stops them working. The only variable is SU5.


This statement reminds me of the old silent slapstick movies - the image of a car going along with first a wing falling off, then the boot (trunk) lid opening, then a door falling off, then the engine steaming… And the passenger in the back oblivious to what’s happening.

That seems to be the situation at the moment with this Sim. There are so many causes of problems. On CTDs, Asobo have already “fixed” several causes according to the recent release notes, yet many users (including myself) still get them. And other problems abound.

Meanwhile some passengers in the back are still saying “no, everything’s fine back here”.

Asobo really do need to forget everything else, and sort out the basics.

Short final after a 3 hour flight is really the best time for a CTD.

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An unfortunate consequence of Asobo updating and bringing new features to the sim and changing code to do so (or fix other issues) that potential renders add-ons needing to also be updated. Just as Asobo cannot realistically test and confirm the changes will run on everyone’s hardware configuration nor can they realistically test the impact to every add-on or combination of.


Yes of course SU 5 changed a lot of things and many mods need to be updated.

I’d say it’s the opposite of what you’re saying- it stands to reason that any major update (SU/WU) is likely to break many third party mods and you should assume that mods are broken unless tested and proven to work.

This is nothing unusual in the game modding community, when a game updates it can take a few weeks for the third party devs to catch up with any changes. Bigger dev houses (PMDG/FBW) are usually very quick to fix their products, smaller independent developers take longer.

What is unusual is MSFSs pace of updates. Most games aren’t pushing major updates this fast so devs don’t need to constantly stay on the update treadmill. It’ll slow down eventually as the SDK matures and things get more set in stone.


Fair point. I mainly use the Working Title G1000/3000/5000 and CJ4 and it would be nice if at least these important mods were working properly. Given that they are now part of the team it shouldn’t be too difficult.

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My cockpit screens going out then CTDs for Xbox series x and s can’t wait until they fixed it

An Overclocked GPU was causing my CTD. Since going back to stock speed not had a single CTD


I bet a yearly income that an overclocked GPU is NOT the cause for the common CTDs almost everyone is facing. Could you - if possible - please check what event was logged in the windows event view after the crash?

An overclocked GPU/CPU would - in most of the cases - produce a bluescreen. And if you can run - lets say - Red Dead Redemption 2 in 4k and 60 fps (without crashes/CTDs) you have 50 % more stress on the hardware than with MSFS.

There will be no single hotfix. A hotfix is too small for this. I think it would be a good idea to put one SU (after DX-12) exclusively with fixes involving only CTD’s. They occur too often. It’s been top wish for 10 months, it deserves an SU, a major “cleaning” update. Memory management, GPU buffer glitches and shortterm timeouts involving the GPU… it should be looked into and solved. Take a few months.

btw overclocking… It’s both. Overclocking can cause CTD’s too… in that case it is a user/hardware thing, not the software. Asobo can’t use techniques that crash with overclocking… but how is Asobo supposed to predict what happens, with every different CPU and GPU ? Better avoid it.

Yes that’s true. I think that the plan is for the WT mods to just become part of the core game soon, and then we’ll have a high quality CJ4, and the rest of their Garmin mods as default. That will be amazing and will also eliminate the lag time between updates, since they will just be updated as part of the sim.

You are so brilliant and knowledgeable. You surely can fix it yourself. I haven’t had a CTD in two months now. Seems I fixed my CTDs, so you can too. I also posted what it took to fix mine. Good luck genius.

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