Please devs - release Hotifx for A320 and Live Weather

pfffffim really tired of this, im tired of your politic about patchs, is ridiculous we have to wait until next patch to see issues fixed or changed…My Live weather is not working well after this update, My A320 still have the same bugs…honestly i think this went the worst patch…broke many things…Patchs should improve the game, but your patchs just broke the game…and no hotfixes…pffff…i paid 119€ and is only issues and more issues, bugs and more bugs…Ok i understand game is in the beggin and of course will have a lot of bugs, but making patches to improve it and after that the result is just worst and you just no release Hotfixes like a “normal” company do…i dont know what to say devs…just no comment…right now game is not funny … Live weather is broken, A320 is not working well…i would love to see you releasing HOTFIXES