Please don't stay parked in the middle of runways!

@Hester40MT, a bit off topic but glad you picked that up. I am a retired airport engineer and current recreational pilot and I am mobile between home and a weekender/holiday home and I have an older PC. My brilliant software engineer brother-in-law has recommended a Console for me. Cheers.


Wow Just land/take off etc. If it “kills your immersion” turn off AI aircraft and other players and have the world to yourself.

I regularly fly with 20 - 30 other players for hours at a time, all landing out, landing at runways, landings on mountains or on sandbars and nobody gets this butthurt. Cheessus, fly your plane, have fun, this isn’t real life.


half of these are probably players that start to load a flight and walk away to make a sandwich or whatever, and yeah AI traffic is terrible about clearing the runway - and was in all the previous sims too.

I wish the default behavior was loading your flight to “hold short” position on the active. taxing out, lining up and punching it is more fun anyways… :wink:


Well, if you mean the ingame ATC, it doesn’t show other players on the radio chat, so that would be useless.

I have damage turned off. So if I am cleared to land or to take-off and there is traffic on the runway, I assume its a tech glitch, lag whatever…close my eyes and drive right thru it…

You might want to consider:
Make it impossible to spawn on runway in Live mode

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I’m afraid the only real way to eliminate this annoyance is to turn off multiplayer. Turn it on when you want it, or when you find a group to fly with, but yeah, it is what it is.


Happened to me today. I spawned on the runway and at that moment the batteries died on my XBox controller. It takes time to go get the AAs and change out the dead ones. I may have sat for ten minutes on the runway before launchin’.

It can be a combination of the two in fact. Live player who switched to Co-Pilot. I’ve noticed that the co-pilots can be a little “hit and miss”

LOL. Good reply. I was hoping he was kidding, but guess not… :slight_smile:

How was that a good reply? Is this whole forum full of gamers who don’t care about realism and are ok with things like this happening? Looks like xbox gamers will fit right in.


Indeed it may have been someone that set the copilot loose and went AFK.

Not sure I understand your reply “gamers will fit in” It sounds very derogatory. Believe me I love simming, and takeit very serious…spend a lot of time and money…however there are options to turn certain some features off…maybe like myself enjoy the flight procedures , but at the end of the day they bought the sim they can do what they like…honestly the negativity its so toxic, there are some great people in this forum that support and help others, however there are some people just rip it apart and other users that have paid what you have paid…its like economy class, business and first class…now its all beginning to sound like my next door neighbour. Also the beginnining of the thread "I can see more and more people are joining to “OUR” group following our hobby…elitism.


I like to fly from a clear runway;
But you park there;
So I can’t play my way

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I will leave a polite note on your windsreen


Do not confuse game for real, son.

Exactly thats why on IF R flight multiplayerbis turned off, only AI is on the runway

The only time I turn on multiplayer is if I’m actively going to join in with a community event or fly with someone else. Otherwise, I leave it disabled so I don’t have to deal with the BS of other players who don’t care about flying by the rules.

Really, it’s that simple. Willingly putting yourself in a position where other players can interfere or ruin your experience when you have the option to do otherwise is equivalent to seeing dog ■■■■ on the sidewalk, deliberately stepping in it, and then complaining about it afterwards.


Exactly totally agree

Have you actually got the point or read my post until the end?

I don’t know what flightsiming means for you but for many of us who are involved with it for decades it’s much more than a game. It’s our passion and it will be nice for people to respect the basic rules in this virtual kind of world.

By turning off the multiplayer options it won’t be very realistic and in real life airplanes don’t stay in the middle of runway for ever .Right?

I’m not asking for them not to be in my sight .Don’t take me wrong. What I ask it’s very simple and easy to comply with .

If you are just a casual gamer I understand why you can not get how it feels and I don’t blame you.

Btw, enjoy flightsiming and stay safe!

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