Please explain the weather

Asobo, we would like to know why you are omitting weather issues from the Feedback Snapshot. To me, weather is one of the most important factors in this sim. We can not use VATSIM without accurate weather. If you would fix the weather, then you wouldn’t have to open it up to 3rd party development. Maybe it’s accurate in France, I’m not sure, but it is certainly not accurate in North America. Can you please provide an explanation as to where your heads are at? Is this something you are giving up on?

Actual vote tally in bug category…




I’d love for them to explain/answer… my guess, they believe they’ve fixed in via patch 2 (which was just the winds finally showing up).


I can only imagine that they figure it’ll take a lot to fix it so they’re fixing easier things now?

This was my same frustration. They continue to try to ignore it. They know it’s a problem and refuse to explain it. Just landed at KACK… winds were showing 160@10 which set me up for rwy 15. When I was landing, definitely had a cross wind and it was more like 30kts. Ridiculous… how can you even plan for the proper runway when the sim makes stuff up.


To be honest, that would be fine with me, if they recognized the weather was still a problem and added it to backlog … but they drop it from their bug list without explanation when so many people are complaining.


Exactly this. Just acknowledge it’s a problem!

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For what now? That people could post “haha I told you so Asobo fail game ded” all over the place? Why stating the obvious? What would it change? I believe that worldwide live weather is one of the most difficult things to fix.

in another weather thread just now people are saying real weather doesn’t even matter. this is consistent with all other flaws ever discovered in the sim since alpha

deny it exists -> it exists but it will get fixed -> it doesn’t matter anyway


The purpose of this is to get them to fix the weather. They sold us a product that promised live weather, I paid $100 USD for my version. We really want it to work! I realize that it must be difficult, I don’t care if it takes time to fix. But they can’t just ignore the fact that it doesn’t work and quietly sweep it under the carpet. You can’t have a top bug list and leave off 3 of the top bugs and pretend they don’t exist. We just want it fixed, that’s the bottom line.


Nearly always lightning for me. For around £15 I’ve switched to REX weather force for now. It does, in overcast, sometimes kill my FPS so have to occasionally disable but pleased with it so far. But. I shouldn’t really have to go to a 3rd party app for decent weather.


Depends on what you want to do: fly on Vatsim or IVAO? Then live weather is indeed obligatory, at least up to a certain degree of accuracy. If you fly offline anyway it doesn’t matter at all, you can set up whatever you want then. A significantly higher number of good presets would be great then too.

At this very moment and state of the sim I don’t see any advantage or importance of real weather except the laziness of the users to deal with this topic when setting up a flight.

Further down the road, when the more detailed addons appear, it will certainly become a very important factor pretty quickly and then it would be good if Asobo had already worked it out.

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Presets are a lot worse than real weather and make flight planning a jeopardy as well.
Currently there is simply no way to know how the conditions at the arrival airport are. ATIS is wrong, ATC gives wrong wind readings even on final, wind socks are wrong, METARs do not match, and there is no other way to obtain the situation prior landing.

And that is a total disappointment for a flight sim, where weather plays a huge role.


Considering the fact that VATSIM is an official partner of MSFS / MS / Asobo, the weather and navdata compatibility issues should be a top priority.

We should be able to use MSFS in VATSIM without having to worry about weather mismatch. The weather VATSIM controllers see should be the pilot’s/MSFS user’s weather too, and vice versa.

Similarly, since MSFS has up-to-date navdata from Airbus built-in, a MSFS user flying on VATSIM should be able to use this navdata with ease without having to buy Navigraph subscription. Since VATSIM is an official partner of MSFS / MS / Asobo, they need to have access to this up-to-date navdata from Airbus and always use it for MSFS users on the network.


I realize the more advanced aircraft are not really usable yet, but personally I’d like to enjoy the GA aircraft that work well. I’d like to fly online with them now, with VATSIM using real world weather. Instead I have to always set my weather to clear so that when ATC assigns me a runway, I don’t have a strong tailwind or crosswind.

I’m not sure what you mean by laziness. Are you saying that users are lazy because they don’t manually adjust the weather during flight?

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I wasn’t aware that Vatsim already works with MSFS (or vice versa) as I haven’t cared about it yet. I totally agree that correct online weather is mandatory for correct online flying.

With laziness I meant the “single click” opportunity to be preferred to setting up some custom weather, I didn’t mean it to sound accusive, language issues probably :smiley: I don’t like extensive weather modelling either when I just want to do a quick local flight but it IS a possibility to get to fly into some drama ^^

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The “225 degrees at 2/3kts” issue raised by the author of “Live Weather and Wind Readings are Not accurate” and by the author “Live weather is not working” has been fixed on Update 2 (

Fixed live weather wind offset in higher latitude areas (America, Asia…) that was causing the 3kts Wind bug

Regarding the topic “[Consolidated Vote] Live Weather Issues (v1.9.5.0)” ([Consolidated Vote] Live Weather Issues (v1.9.5.0)), the author of the topic is not raising any specific issue that could be use as a direct goal to improve/fix the user experience and the answers are describing multiples issues/concerns. We cannot dig into every individual answer in every thread.

A similar example is the topic “Crash to desktop without error messageCrash to desktop without error message) with 441 votes. It’s not a “useful” topic to work with. Crash without error message can happen for multiple reasons and are not always related to the game. We also chose to ignore this thread in the Snapshot.

The most efficient way to raise an issue to the team with the vote system is to open ONE thread for ONE specific issue and to be sure this issue hasn’t been raised before by another user on the forum.


Good question!

Firstly, thank you very much for responding to my message…

Okay, but the basic premise of this message states that …

Are you saying that when we experience a live weather discrepancy, that we should open a new post for voting? I guess I’m not following you. I have opened a Zendesk ticket for example that states something like “Weather was completely incorrect at KACK today”, but how do you post this to the forum and expect people to vote on it? They haven’t been to KACK. They just know that weather is incorrect where they have flown and so they vote on one consolidated topic so it gets attention. In this case they have voted on [Consolidated Vote] Live Weather Issues (v1.9.5.0). This discussion also includes the information that ATIS is broken, which I also reported to Zendesk.

I could open Zendesk ticket everyday stating that weather is incorrect and where. I don’t understand why I would have to do that because anyone can load up the sim and see that the weather most times does not match real world conditions. Please let us know how we can help, we would love to get this resolved.


And there you go! Sounds like Asobo thinks the current weather system works. Looks like MSFS will always be just a GAME just like MS Flight if that’s the case.


Exactly what you are talking about :smiley: