Please Fix LA Area Photogrammetry issue

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For Months the photogrammetry in the Los Angeles Area has been horrendous and there’s some bug or some issue with the photogrammetry and Lod where it looks like a wasteland no matter how much u manually raise the LOD Values.
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These 2 were taken after i manually set the LOD to 1000 and it made no difference in rendering buildings in the distance.

This is with 200 LOD which is the ultra setting in the sim and no difference from 200 or 1000 LOD

This is what it looked like before sim update 3 u can see buildings rendered far in the distance and it looks nothing like it does from those screenshots
Detail steps to reproduce the issue encountered: Fly with an airliner over the LA Area and look around.

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I9 9900K
32Gb Ram

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This issue has been happening after sim update 3

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