Please fix Live Weather ASAP!


Loving the sim and its features. However live weather Globally is killing the immersion factor. Please fix it . Thanks!!



Could you explain what you have personally see wrong with it, not what you’ve read from other people, but yourself?

There are already threads on this same subject; do we really need yet another one?


Already being looked at.

From what I know in patch two which is coming soon I hope they are addressing this issue

As has been discussed elsewhere, it isn’t actually “live” weather. It is an approximation of forecasted weather.

Where are the details on the next patch?

They don’t exist.

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Where on earth did you find these? According to the post above yours they don’t exist!!


What doesn’t exist?

The details of the next patch obviously.

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Some people need to LOOK. Very first post top of General

Personal experience with my first IFR flight today: weather was supposed to be with high winds at around 30kts in Wyoming. It was written on the world map, it was on METARs I looked, it was also given by the ATIS in sim. But the actual winds in the sim were at 3kts.

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Okay, so what about somewhere outside of the US? Europe, Asia, Africa etc.

I think this doesn’t happen in Europe but I’ve only done some quiet summer VFR flights so far.

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It’s not live weather, it’s predicted weather. This sim does not have live weather.

Correct, which is why Asobo needs to stop marketing the game as having “live weather.”

Alternatively, they can call it Live WeatherTM, or “live weather*”

*Weather is not live.

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We had a great 12kt crosswind at Paderborn earlier this evening. When it works, it works well.

I don’t think it’s working at all.

I flew through a thunderstorm cell. In a super light. At 200ft. With one hand. While talking to family.

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