Please fix Loch Ness

I appreciate that Asobo recently fixed many of the instances of water creeping up British coastlines. But, they missed one of the most iconic and famous bodies of water, namely Scotland’s Loch Ness.

It is a mess… can’t put it more plainly. The water level is not matching the elevation of the shoreline. All immersion (a suitable pun) is lost when flying low along the loch.

Considering this is a world-known loch (lake for the masses), it is a shame to leave it in this state as it takes away from the local and simulated beauty

Can some talented third party designer please fix this? Or Asobo (but they have moved on from UK so I do not hold much hope for that).

Forget MAGA. We need MNHA. Make Nessie Happy Again.

I think there is a requests section on

ASOBO are also working on a general global fix for this.

And the monster seems to be missing