Please Fix Photogrammetry and/or LOD

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I’ll forgive the rudeness this time but facts are prior to SU5 with my then low end gpu if I wanted anything better than mash potato low clouds I would struggle to reach 20fps: I was not alone. Search back and you’ll see there were folk with high end rigs playing at 20fps just for their incredible screenshots.

Sorry mate I’m not biting today, go wind someone else up because I won’t see your posts.

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Why do people keep saying this? PC users always have and will have the option to buy more powerful rigs and use MAX settings so what’s the Xbox got to do with that?

That’s like saying COD and Forza are both on Xbox and PC…and the pc version is ruined because of Xbox…



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Not true. Those games are made for console and ported to pc. Its the the other way around for MSFS. Taking a console game and porting it to pc always works in the PCs favor. This is because the console game is designed to run on lesser hardware.

And the reason I say it is because I have experienced it first hand. Happy flying.

To be fair, it’s pretty clear that MSFS was always destined for console. Way before it actually appeared on console, the groundwork was already laid.

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How about this:

I can provide others if you like? Eventually someone will post a low down shot, wondering why it doesn’t look like hand craft quality. You either understand what PG is, how it works, and how it was captured, or you don’t.

The comment is usually something like “Why does this look so bad?” This should be countered with “What should it look like?”

I’m pretty certain Xbox was the number two consideration when someone decided on a flightsim revival (with Microsoft’s metaverse the number one). Standalone PC titles make peanuts in comparison and anyway the whole PC platform is dying a slow death in terms of home entertainment. Without specified Xbox compatibility then 100% MS would not have bothered.


I’m officially done with this sim. The clear and apparent degradation in the graphics is nothing less than a joke and a scam. Especially when you consider just how much some of us have invested with the intention of running this sim in all it’s glory. I’ve never seen a game/sim visually get WORSE with updates.

Fair enough. A lot of hard work has gone into fixing bugs, CTDs, and just making the platform stable. Is it acceptable for it to come at a cost of visuals? There’s only radio silence when it comes to the FSX-like graphics. Xbox was always going to have limitations with visuals, but why do PC users have to suffer also?

I just flew KSFO - CYVR in the 737. Latest Canada world update. All online features enabled. Fibre optic broadband speeds.

PC specs and settings:

  • RTX 4090
  • 5800x3D
  • 32GB DDR4
  • 2TB SSD
  • MSFS Ultra settings (TAA DX12)

Descending through 15,000ft. A blurry mess. No distant buildings/trees:

More blurry soup and flat terrain:

Only at 4000/3000ft can you see structures to the horizon:

But don’t look at any distant mountains lol:

I don’t even want to get started with the night lighting and ugly distant sepia textures. Don’t fly at night. Too immersion-breaking.

If you don’t fly over 4000ft or so in GA aircraft, the sim is going to look amazing. If you fly airliners, don’t look out the window :grinning: :+1:

Interesting to see some of the graphics issues reported against xbox are happening even in very high end PC. Is it not the case that you can control the LOD etc to eliminate this on PC?

Makes me wonder if this is a logic bug causing this.

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Xbox Series X. Very late loading of data here. Started the session as an approach to Carcassonne. The Old Town looked ok below me at the start of the flight, but as you can see the runway looks iffy.

Edit: looking at the images, this was actually two approaches from either end of runway.

I wonder if it has to do with starting the game as a “Resume” although as i say having done that i did load the scenario above first, from the World map.

Bing data was set to on.
Only had the usual fairly brief “not online” message you get when Resuming, which changed to Online before I started the scenario. Seemed ok on reboot so just a blip?

I only fly airliners, and my experience is the complete opposite on Series X. I find the graphics fidelity actually has increased with the Live build. I can’t back this up with screenshots at this moment, but i will make some later.

Did the approach at KMIA yesterday , flying over downtown Miami, and it was amazing.