Please fix the link to '' on update page

A link that appears on the update page will trigger the joystick while using especially the ‘A’ button on the Xbox controller or ‘X’ on the Play Station controller. While downloading the large patch which approximately 15GB (2nd Patch) and 10GB (3rd Patch), some people can do other things such as play other games while waiting for the download to finish. Unfortunately, we can’t play any other games using the joystick as button ‘A’ (for me) on the joystick will trigger the website and force the browser to open more tabs to the msfs2020 forum’s website ended up it filling the computer’s RAM. However, the music from the download has now been fixed which I can’t be happy enough. So when the MSFS2020 is not in use it can stay downloading the patch from the background without interrupting any other task that we are doing (for example watching youtube without music from the background). Hopefully it will be fix on the next update