Please fix these 2 easy things on AI traffic to improve it enormously

  1. increase taxi speed
  2. stop spinning aircraft
  1. Fix CTDs with AI Traffic & Real-time Traffic
  1. Increase speed on vacating runway after landing

Come on guys we need more ideas and more Attention in this. The developers have to understand it’s an urgent issue!


we do not need fixes :wink: We need a complete rework - that has already been announced.
Ideas on what to improve and what needs to get fixed are all there and Asobo/MS is aware of them, the design and implementation just needs a lot of time.
Rushing stuff now would result in a unfinished product, and I guess we all can agree we do not need a “Bannana-Software” solution.

In past Updates that were supposed to fix AI related stuff we saw new AI related bugs, personally I would not like to see Asobo “hot fix” any more stuff in the AI system and break other stuff - becuase they do not know how the old system works. For now we have a basic understand on how the current system works, what the issues are and how to add workarounds. To check with each update if a new workaround is needed, a current workaround needs to be changed and so on would just cause extra work for AI developers.

Just a personal guess: As long as the job for the ATC developer (with AI stuff included as well) is open at Asobo we might need to wait a bit longer as well.


I really just hope that this time they take an ICAO based approach (PANS-OPS) that the entire world uses (including China), rather than the non-standardised US mess.

Keep it accurate, and give us the ability to request headings and altitudes!


Why is Asobo dragging their feet on this, is a mystery…


How bout that awful looking rotation by ai ? They don’t rotate and pitch up after takeoff, they lift off like flying saucers it’s ugly

  1. Fix the pointy “nose” on the generic airliner aircraft.

Allow AIG to run the Ai program. Open up the doors and let the dev AIG full access to fix all these problems with AI. Asobo already has their hands filled with all the other ongoing problems listed throughout this forum. Allow AIG to be the 3rd party dev to overhaul this ai program within the sim


Part of the solution may be as simple as increasing the values related to taxi speed of the landing planes and to have them take the first available exit, but I have a theory as to why that’s not happening today.

My theory is that the slow taxi speeds after landing is MSAsobo’s way of controlling processsing at airports. If the planes were more accurately spaced and they taxied off the runway properly, you’d have more planes landing of course, and those planes would need to be handled on the ground, which would increase the need for the app to know where they were going and to ensure their safe handling to the gate… and which gate? And if they encounter another plane, who goes where? That would all have to be computed on the fly - and don’t forget that you’re also out there moving around.

They way they have it going now, you rarely have more than two or three active planes, and even that’s too much, contributing to stuttering at airports. So I think they can’t do it now and this is their “fix”. Of course I could be wrong - I usually am.

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I think a temporary “workaround” could be to let the AI “ghost” through other AI aircraft. The player can move through an AI airplane without a collision. Just let the AI do the same thing. It will look funky but at least the traffic is moving.


I would LOVE that solution too and I would hope that if the user community could choose between endless go-arounds and planes ghosting through each other they’d choose the latter, at least as you said until a permanent solution could be implemented.

Please bring this to Asobo’s attention

I have to agree with this. Current traffic AI sucks. But I’d rather see it replaced with a properly designed, working system built from the ground up with modern code vs trying to duct tape old FSX code. There are enough half-baked features in the sim already that we don’t really need to replace one with another.

Because it’s a giant undertaking. They can’t fix what’s there. They literally have to gut MSFS of all the old FSX AI traffic code base and rebuild a new system from the ground up. And this has to be tied to the ATC system (also recycled FSX code), which also needs to be gutted from the sim and replaced with modern code.


Then we do not talk about mothns, if we at AIG should do the design and implementation we talk years. Remember AIG is a freeware community, we do all of our content in our sparetime after our daily jobs

They could let JustFlight do it? They have experience with AI systems and Add Ons. How live Traffic (FSLTL) and offline traffic (FS Traffic, AIG) can both work in this new system?

JustFlight has mostly focused on AI content and not features like most other payware developers so far. Lets see what MS/Asobo come up with as a reworked AI system.

I thought I read somewhere during a Q&A session that WT are the ones now in charge of revamping the ATC/traffic?

The problem is that a new AI system would also need to work on Xbox. A 3rd party would need FULL access to the program code in order to write a code that works with what the sim can do by itself and doesn’t need any external program or content.

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