Please fix these 2 easy things on AI traffic to improve it enormously

And I’ve never been at an airport in real life that had traffic jams from ground vehicles driving around the taxiways.

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Why dont you apply?

because of personal/professional reasons

that’s a pity…having on your CV\resume that you are working in conjunction with Microsoft would focus any employer towards any individual

good luck anyway moving forward

Thats true, but for the next 3 yeats I already have a very solid contract in IT-Security :wink:
For now I will use the spare time I have to improve the Sim :slight_smile: and if MS/Asobo asks any question regarding AI i will be happy to give then an answer - even for free ^^


Does SU10 beta fix the altitude issue? I only fly single player with AI traffic and usually the GA planes don’t so much fly as hover over the land like the landspeeder that Obi One drove in Star Wars, whilst airliners routinely come into my GA airspace of around 2500-3000 feet.

It may put me in the minority, but I laugh every time I see a breakdancing airplane on the ramp.

Quadruple (or more) the amount of AI planes in the game

Add a weather radar, and add a weather radar… :smiley:

what has this todo with AI?

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Hmm I don´t know :smiley:
I just wanted to answer what two easy things could be fixed in the Flight Sim.

Topic is about AI traffic and not about 2 things in general…

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I don’t laugh, I cry. I am very emotional, and so is my cat :crying_cat_face:


Probably still a lot faster than Asobo and a better result :wink:

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don’t use in-game AI, it really is a crashfest. AIG is the only thing that works

Not sure what the AI aircraft flying around 100’ AGL is all about, across airports and just randomly always in the distance.

…if you’re willing to invest multiple hours to get it installed.

add a functional windshield wiper instead of helicopters lul … :rofl:

dont worry guys. Asobo already announced they will completely remake ai from scratch (2 years after release). if you want more info, wait until 2029.

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OMG, yes please!