Please give us sunglasses!

Attention Jayne and other Community managers:

Having just watched the monthly twitch video, I see that our messages don’t go ignored and that the devs do get our recommendations and insight, streamlined through yourselves…Thank you for this!!!

On to the main event: Sunglasses!!

Sounds like a strange request…but let me explain - I have noticed, particularly in VR, although it also applies in 2d, that we have sun visors in a few aircraft (such as the Cirrus SR22). Sadly these visors don’t work. (ie they don’t pull down) However, there are times, specifically when we are flying into sunlight that the glare is so strong that the clouds up ahead look totally overexposed, to the point where they become basically invisible. When this happens, take a look through the top of the sun visor and WOW, all the amazing contrast of the clouds come back to life almost as if you are watching an amazing sunset!

So my request to the developers is - either please get the sun visors working correctly so we can pull them down when we fly, or alternatively give us a mode taking exactly what the contrast which the sun visors are using in the sim and just make the windshield be that same contrast and call it “Sunglasses Mode” PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!!!

I hope this is a simple mod that you could implement as it will really show the Sim’s clouds in even more of its amazing glory!!!

Thanks for considering this.

I thought I would add this to my post = in the twitch video, asobo mentioned that they have brightness toggle on the wishlist for the new VR wishlist/roadmap.
Perhaps you can incorporate my request into that roadmap for brightness?

Good idea … we need something to help us. You can vote here:


p.s. Any Moderators/Managers watching … these topics need merging. About equal votes each.


Great … very good idea !!

Where I would prefer the mode as sunglasses, which you can then switch on. As well as the torch at night too !!

Turning off Bloom may help to a small degree.

Moderators please merge threads and votes!

Thank you.