Please go back to Closed Beta

Dear Asobo,

As a veteran of the last 5-6 betas, I gave a request: please go back to doing closed betas. This current iteration is 40% “I get X FPS,” 40% therapy session for performance issues compared to SU9 (people who clearly just joined the beta to get an advanced copy of SU10), endless threads about how people “feel” about the beta, and about 5% actual beta testing and related discussions. I’ve even seen posts and threads from people who aren’t even in the beta.

So with all due respect, I request a return to actual beta testing, with a closed beta.

Can’t agree with this at all, closed beta misses so much that an open beta can find which is clearly the case as can be seen with the reports here.

The very last thing this Sim needs is a regression of beta practices, if anything the open betas need to improve (which for the most part they have done, albeit slowly).

I certainly do feel that only those that have downloaded the betas should be allowed to post in this section, quite how they’d accomplish that though is not for me to say.


I can tell you without any shadow of a doubt that the closed betas caught everything (the open betas have) and more, without the endless threads about how everyone “feels”. The point of the matter is that so many people erroneously believe that if whatever they noticed in the beta isn’t fixed by the end that either Asobo is ignoring them or doesn’t care. They have specific things they are testing for in the beta; other issues will be (and are) addressed in the future. Meanwhile look at the number of specific things they’ve asked us to test in the beta which nobody has done. They have a list of threads on specific items to check, and many haven’t been checked. Meanwhile we know what every person’s FPS is in the Fenix A320 over LA.


This is total BS.

I, personally, have verified a number of posted-in-the-release-notes fixes and have reported their status. A fair number of other people have done the same.

Frankly, what have you, personally, contributed to the beta process besides complaining about how others are doing it “wrong”?


It feels like you’re trolling for an argument as it’s extremely laughable to suggest the closed betas “caught everything” when it was clear from the first Sim Update they missed a ton of bugs and issues not to mention regressions.

I’ll bow out of this conversation now and dearly hope that open betas not only continue, but continue to improve and help the Devs in the future.


This is what I’m talking about:

What percentage of the things they’ve asked us to test have been tested, 25%? 30%? Meanwhile, how many FPS are you getting?

Sorry, allow me to rephrase: the closed betas caught everything the open betas did and more. They were much more effective. They did not catch everything as in every bug. That was my error in how I stated that. And I stand by it 100%.

How many FPS are you getting?

I would not pin too much on what is posted here, as it’s just borderline trolling.

The open beta should continue, as it was clear that’s what the community wanted and Asobo listened. I suspect this thread will diverge very quickly and get locked, so I’ll just leave my opinion here and move on.


I think that the open beta is great. It would be even better if people could get a marketplace credit for every bug they find and document. That would provide an incentive for people for actually perform some testing.


Quit bickering, it leads no where but closed threads.

It is pretty clear Asobo doesn’t have time to fix all the bugs & develop future releases.
They are still going, and doing decently, which is a win for the flight sim community. Are things perfect, no. But we could still be stuck with P3D and X-Plane as our only options.

I think all feedback is appropriate, especially any related to the updates, such as performance changes, because they have been tweaking these in this beta.

Asobo pointed out certain things they wanted tested, so I am sure, like everything else they have been doing, that they will prioritize what they want, and not what a handful of complainers want.

The only harm in open beta is an extra amount of complainers. Don’t let it bother you. If you notice multiple threads with the same issue, and want to do something about it, then share the threads with a moderator and say they are the same. If not, go fly and don’t worry about it.

And I have been testing since the first Alpha release, things were far from perfect on testing and Asobo sides then as well.


Before we get into a heated discussion. Here are the facts. Please draw your own conclusions on the basis of really testable (is that a word?) RN’s

My conclusion: this was the best beta test ever. Most RN’s have been verified, or logged as feedback or bug.

I myself are a promotor of closed beta’s, but maybe these could run parallel or sequentially.


That statement is patently false; a subjective opinion, which you seem to be objecting to in your initial post.


I disagree with the original poster, I enrolled in the Beta because there were issues, and I wanted the opportunity for both the telemetry data and user experience to be collected. And I did find several bugs, responded to requests for extra documentation, and the problems were fixed already.

I would hazard to guess that the most valuable information Asobo / MS collects from a Beta test is actually the extra data collection on the wide range of devices (crash and performance data). But there is still very valuable information to gather from people’s experiences. A simulator is all about “feeling”, and if a certain buggy experience gives paying customers negative feelings, that’s important to know.

I think that giving people - customers - an opportunity to express how they “feel”, as well as collecting the device data, is worthwhile. I commend Asobo / Microsoft and developers for having such an open channel. If it wasn’t for this forum and the communication from the developers, I would have abandoned MSFS and put the new Xbox in the driveway and sold swings with a bat for $1 each. Thanks for the forum, and thanks for running the Beta testing program.


Very well stated. Thanks for adding such a positive comment. Too rare on this forum.


That’s an odd mountain to proclaim from, what percentage of the 283 things are actually testable?


Yep, which hardly anybody here is actually doing.

A reminder to keep this thread on topic, and avoid posts aimed at other users. Discussion about the benefits of different beta strategies is fine, arguments or posts aimed at others is not.


Even if the average Joe isn’t testing they are multi player load and that’s useful. If you don’t like FPS talk stay out of the performance issues thread.

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Again, the point isn’t what I like or what I don’t like. The point is that it’s a waste of the dev’s time. This is beta testing, not group chat.

The topic of this thread is clearly something some forum members feel strongly about. It benefits everyone if arguments for and against such a suggestion are aired with respect towards each other. It doesn’t really benefit anyone if the thread turns into any form of finger pointing exercise.

The mod team would encourage everyone who wishes to contribute to do so in a manner which focuses on the merits or otherwise of the suggestion and refrain from any personal comments towards other forum members. Ultimately it is a matter for MS/Asobo as to how they wish to conduct their beta programmes.