Please help.... Custom scenery name apprears but the object not showing up (empty object)

Hello, I am new to MSFS object creation and facing an issue. I have a simple object in Blender and would like to export it using Blender2MSFS. I exported as usual (object selected, Format Separate, GUID generated… ) and put it in my “modelLIb” folder, and built my project. The object was recognized without any error and now it is showing in Object. However, when I try to place it, it is transparent, and seems to be nothing there. I used to be able to successfully export what I built but there is couple object that is showing like this. You can see my blender file [here], it is a very simple object. If someone can help me out, it would be really helpful as I have the same issue with multiple blender objects now…

This is how it looks like on my screen. Also I have different folders for different objects, but only one texture folder for all the objects.