Please help getting my default AI traffic to work

The DEFAULT AI traffic in my MSFS, “DOES NOT MOVE” no matter what setting. You should, even with the default AI get the odd 1 or 2 planes landing, taking off or taxiing, but I get nothing, I can leave it for hours on RT or offline traffic and still nothing moves at any airport you care to name, the only thing that does move are the ground vehicles, So programes like “Simple Traffic” and I assume “AIG” rely on some sort of default AI, So even with these two programes I have installed there is still no movement, and yes “AIG Manager & AIG Traffic controller” is setup and configured correctly. There is plenty of traffic at the gates, they Just don’t move. I know PSXT & Real Traffic does not rely on the MSFS default AI, but seeing how well AIG works in YT vids that is what I would prefer if I could get this default AI to work. It has been like this since about SU5 and has never been fixed with all subsequent updates. Any help would greatly appreciated. Thanks for looking. John.

Problem Solved, deleted content.xml, and let MSFS rebuild it.