Please help with authentication error

I am having an issue with the

“Due to an unexpected error Your game license could not be Authenticated. To access the online services, make sure to sign into the Microsoft store and to Microsoft Flight Simulator with the Xbox live account that was used to purchase Microsoft Flight Simulator. ”

It seems like I am not playing online. Has anyone had this issue and is there a fix? I can login to the Microsoft store and I know I have internet connectivity because I uninstalled and re-installed the digital downloaded and it loaded properly. I am at a loss.

I have a few MS accounts and have found if you are not logged into the account you bought the sim with it gives it a little headache. Try logging out of the MS Store and back in again with the account you used to buy the sim with.

Send a message to zendesk

This was probably related to the xbox services outage.

I’m having the same issue. Could you resolve it and if so, how? Any help is appreciated.

same here.

Same here today

Having this issue today too, anyone else?

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If anyone has authentication errors, I would suggest searching in the #bugs-and-issues category.