Please Hire Some Community Members

Good afternoon Asobo.

Since the sim’s launch we have had community members who have “fixed” issues that resulted from patches.

Please consider adding these members to the team in some capacity to improve the patch process.

Thank-you for admitting that there was a bug introduced; more communication would be helpful.

As a related aside, please unlock the encrypted deluxe and premium aircraft for users who bought them so these community members can improve all the aircraft.

Thank-you for your consideration of this.

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Asobo do have several openings listed on their website to do with MSFS, you can find their careers page here. I realise that isn’t quite what you had in mind with this topic, but I thought I’d drop a link anyway for users who might be interested.

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No it’s a great gesture on your part. I certainly don’t have the skillset or time. Thank-you.

And it would mean moving to France… :alien:

Pre beta version is more powerful with all system spec and device option, internal staff will never able to compete world wide testing Q1\Q2 2021

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