Please implement Bing Maps sharpening filter as a graphics option

I noticed that the maps on Bing have sharper edges than the ones in FS2020.
I found a post on Reddit showing this random screenshot. The screenshot in question:

The poster also posted the bing maps link to this exact location Here is an image of it:

It looks so much sharper and higher quality! Even though the resolution is unchanged, it simply has more defined edges.

I noticed that some places do not have this sharpening filter, which proves that it has to be preprocessed from Microsoft’s side and then saved.

Using these images for the simulator should not affect the performance since they’re already preprocessed, and it’d result in better scenery. Why hasn’t Asobo used these sharper images when they already exist?

I’d love to have an option that shows me the sharp images (if available) instead of the current ones.

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I’m upvote ! :wink: