Please, in your docs, give one example from A-Z on how to import a simple cube with a texture

Your doc is a total mess. Everything is scattered and to actually create a cube in Blender and got it until a community folder ready package is like for ‘dedicated’ people.

Can you go the game engines routes with this? Also navigation, menus, windows… for crying out loud, just stick to what people are used to. We rotate with the mouse while holding a mouse button. Is this a french thing to break with every convention in 3D since the last 2 decades? Guys, I am honest, this was absolutely horrible to use.

Tried again, did not work. I can not believe that I am unable to even place a simple gltf into my scene.

Can you please give a simple example how to import and place and gltf? From A-Z. Like your grandmother wants to do it.

You wrote the tutorial as a collection of notes for yourself to remember things. You did not write it for users who have never been in touch with the SDK before.

Your probably best just watching some YouTube vids to help you out.