Please Insert the Microsoft Flight Simulator Disc

Dear Members,

I just got this notification on my screen. I’m using GamePass version and my subscription is active until December. What should I do?

Thanks for helps!

Xbox app has an update. Update that via windows app store then logout of gamepass and log back in. Start the game from within gamepass.

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After a month of no issues with the sim I got “Insert disk” message today. I am on purchased copy from MS Store. Turning off Windows Defender does not help.

Same applies for MS store. Logout of the store app and log back in.

I can’t find store app and xbox app. These MS products are horribble. Can’t even use them. Where can I update them? Or where can I found them?



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On windows 10 click your start button or the windows key on the keyboard. To the right of the pop-up menu you will see a tile for Microsoft store. Click on that.

When it loads click on the 3 dots upper right corner and go to downloads and updates. DL any updates available and then open gamepass, sign out and then sign back in.

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I dont use any antivirus program lmao.

I updated everything but the xbox app and game pass app was not shown. Next step: How can I sign out lmao? Is that GamePass app or whatever? I did not installed it.

Thank you, AZRedneck33! You saved me.


I don’t understand why the MS did not create 1 just 1 program or app to control any of these.

Well gamepass is required to authenticate the licence for the game so you have to install it.

DL and install gamepass, login and run the game frome there

You stated in your first post you have the gamepass version. If you have the MS store version then logout of the store and log back in. Next to the 3 dots in the store app is the login icon.

BTW Now working fine! Thanks for help!

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You’re welcome.

Glad I could help.

Happy flying.

Might mark the thread as solved so others who have the issue can see it.


I had this and discovered I had logged out of the MS Store. I logged back in and have never seen it again. Worth a try anyway . . .

I am going to assume that you’re asking because you did not get the Disc edition…
That said, from the Dev point of view It is called an “unhandled exception”… Whatever issue is preventing you from launching the game, has not yet been programmed with a more specific error message.

Well the above solutions won’t work for me because Windows thinks I’m offline, when clearly I’m here, connected. I can’t load the app store because it just assumes I’m not connected, let alone the sim.

I’ve heard Windows -2004 has a bug, and it seems this is preventing Microsoft Store apps from running. Sigh, M$oft…

After much resetting and mucking around with settings ipconfig etc, it turns out simply changing the DNS settings worked… The apartment’s internet for some reason is blocking the Microsoft servers. & now lets me access them again.

Hope this helps someone.

Además de actualizar la aplicación de Xbox verificar la conexión de internet. Resetear el router. Una conexión defectuosa también puede causar ese error

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