Please let us adjust wave heights

Sorry, but I had to come here to complain about the wind and wave heights in this Sim, the water looks EXTREMELY poor without any wind, reflections are blocky and very low resolution.

If we could please have an option to adjust wave heights without wind being a factor, not everybody here wants to fly in a category 2 hurricane so the ocean can look like it’s alive.

This SHOULD have been a feature from the beginning…

Do yourself a favour and add this into the Sim asap because it looks absolutely attrocious and ruins the entire beauty of this Sim.

Or tell us a way to increase wave heights in a config or something, not enjoying it like I should when I look out the window and see giant blocky reflections, please add this feature.

Although I agree with you that the waves are not what they should be in little to no wind conditions I don’t think pleading your case the way you’re doing is helping. But you have my vote for the feature.

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