Please let us roll back to SU4 - please please!

We are very disappointed with SU5, this is not what we wanted.


I agree. There are a lot of CTDs when starting a flight, certain locations and sometimes when going back to the menu. For me this isn’t playable currently.

I don’t understand why they don’t release stable updates.


it’s the worse graphics for me, and the UI in the cockpit…but CTDs too.

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They won’t because then if you select the same settings the console would look worse when compared next to each other.

I have a potato PC but I could have just turned down the settings and get the same result. The draw distance now even at maximum is terrible.

Besides that I’m getting a lot of CTD so…


First: speak for yourself.
Second: resign yourself to the fact that there won’t be a rollback.

Even while the current hysteria (which we’ve been having after every large update) suggests otherwise: there are people out there who like SU5.
Personally I’m having absolutely no issues since the hotfix. It’s stable, performance is better, and I really don’t know where all the stuff about downgrading graphics and the “Dumbing down for XBox” conspiracy theories are coming from.

I don’t doubt there are people out there who are having legitimate problems. That is to be expected since the sim is run on hundreds of thousands of different computer configrations and since it is very power-hungry. There are bound to be problems.
But since we’ve been having this kind of outrage after every update, I find it more and more difficult to take all that righteous indignation here in the forum seriously. Especially since the faults that are being found with the update get more and more trivial and - in case of the alleged progressively worse graphics - hard to verify.
And in many threads this is like a runaway train: someone (repeatedly) rants about something and dozens join in. I wonder how many of those crying out actually HAD the problem and how many just have a broken mod in the Community folder and how many are just declaring their solidarity or THINK they’re having a problem because others are having them. In addition I constantly see the same avatars in the rant threads.
I get the impression with every update that people’s expectations are too high. An update won’t ever be a life-changing experience.

When it comes to my experience over the past 11 months I cannot say that the visual quality has deteriorated. But my impression is not based on facts either. Just a feeling.
Overall for ME the sim has improved a lot since release in almost every aspect. There have been setbacks - sure - but overall I think MSFS today is much much better than it was in September, or December, or May, or last week.

I really wished Asobo could roll back 11 months for a few weeks. That would probably open many eyes…


Who is “we” exactly? I like the fps improvements. I dont want the stutter back.


Its a fact Asobo reduced draw distance across the board, and going back to SU4 settings pretty much requires a CFG tweak.

Could also be a bug, either way its pretty weird, seeing Asobo said PC would not notice a graphics downgrade a month ago.

Idk but my textures looking like FSX in the span of a few days is pretty annoying to me, i’m not calling for a SU4 rollback though, just all a bit weird.


You really didn’t notice the decrease in drawing distance with that update? That’s something that for many people completely pulls them out of the illusion. And even with drawing distance of 200 you can’t see buildings that are a few km away, which over big cities really ruins the immersion.

yeah, lets hope for another hotfix if it’s just a matter of mistakes in the config. Lets see. But, personally, I’d rather use SU4 while they figure this out.

I find the difference most dramatic in VR - I cannot see runway…I get on approach before the airport appears, it’s weird.

If its at certain location try to delete the rolling cache, it might have became corrupted the last time you flew at this location.

Those ”enjoying” SU5 need to get a pair of glasses. If you can’t see the downgraded visuals you have to be more or less blind…
This update is a total disaster!
Conpletely ruined the sim. If you wanted the sim as it looks today you could have turned all settings off or to low and you would have your FPS and stutter free game.


noted. Thanks.

No I really didn’t. But I also wasn’t actively looking for it.
Maybe the fact that I only have a 1080 resolution monitor makes it easier to overlook. Also I don’t fly much over large cities and the tree draw distance problem never was important to me since trees in the distance blend together anyway and it’s hard to distinguish if it’s 3D models or just a forest texture.
For me everything is still peachy.

I’ve had similar discussions in photography forums with the so-called “pixel-peepers” who always zoom in to pixel-level to look for chromatic abberations, dead pixels, colour fringes and whether the letters on a traffic sign photographed at 500m distance are still sharp. All of that are totally useless exercises IMHO, but used to produce huge outrage in DSLR forums… this feels very similar.

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SU4 is long gone…no patch rollbacks for users.
You wanna keep and enjoy current and past builds of a flight sim?
Then go enjoy P3D… :upside_down_face:

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Looks good to me. It can help to set the gfx down to low - save - then set it back to Ultra or what setting you use normally.

I mean if you only fly small planes in the middle of nowhere I can get that you didn’t notice anything (although the “pop in” is also really bad for mountains now). But if you fly an airliner over a city like NYC or LA or high up it just looks much, much worse now.

“middle of nowhere” maybe is a little exaggerated, but I prefer GA flying in mountain and coastal regions. Mostly in Europe

No way,I’m loving it.
I’m finally getting frames of 50-90 FPS and my sim is nice and smooth,no lagging or nothing.
I have a mix of Ultra and High End and looks great.
First time I can honestly say I’m enjoying this sim.


I agree, CTDs in all atempts

There are only two possibilities here. One is that SU5 was part of a bigger, longer-term plan by MSAsobo to eventually create a customizable experience for PC users while providing a more uniform experience for XBOX console users.

Another is that PC users are now red-headed step-children who are only along for the ride.

Either way, you ain’t seeing SU4 again.