Please make multiplayer experience more "integrated" and realistic

Hello folks!

Most times I fly with active multiplayer and traffic which is nice but feels really unrealistic.

Ofc. I understand MSFS is a sim open to all different age and knowledge groups and that there is Vatsim for hardcore simmers - anyway I’d like to share my ideas and impressions as Vatsim is not for everyone and some may like to train themself before joining :slight_smile:

First off multiplayer aircraft in free flight are acting just like blinking Christmas trees moving or stuttering through air. It seems like they got only two stats: on and off. If on they have all lights activated, even strobes at the gate. If off they are shut down completely.

Instead I’d love to see some more parameters exchanged like the activated lights, called services on ground, if afterburners are toggled and if visual effects are active (contrails, spray, engine smoke, others). Currently vfx like contrails are just controlled by the users aircraft for both ai and multiplayer aircraft.

Another point would be integrating all players ATC communication through the ATC system - right now one can easily be surprised by a MP aircraft landing while cleared for takeoff. Also ATC should react to MP aircraft to avoid collisions.

These points would make it feel like everything is connected. Right now it feels like other aircraft are flying in some parallel universe :slight_smile:

I agree, right now i don’t really see the point of multiplayer and i turn it off most of the time as it feels unrealistic to get escorted by F18s for no reason while i fly an airliner.
Another thing is you shouldn’t be able to spawn on the runway.
I think there should be a realistic/hard mode, where collision is on and players are forced to fly reasonable, and where you get kicked if you violate basic air traffic rules.

To your point about hear all other ATC communications I agree. I recently installed AIG Traffic and was amazed to hear the MSFS ATC engaging the AIG traffic, and they responded back. It is very immersive but inconsistent and not sure if it is AIG or MSFS.


  1. Need more random voices and not the same voice when switching freq. (Unrealistic)
  2. Although better, ATC is too late issuing climb / decent instructions. I often find I cheat by adding 1000 ft to my assigned Alt otherwise I would have to slowdown and level off waiting for my next assigned Alt. (Unrealistic)
  3. Need to option to speak our requests and not only pick from a predefined list. If this is too much then MSFS should look at buying out PILOT2ATC. They have a great system.