Please MS open the ground SDK

Please the ingame ground services are not at all realistic, they take way to long on receiving directions and its just not all that great. Please open it so companies like GSX can come in.

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GSX is already coming and nothing closed

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yes I know they are trying to enter ms2020 but…the SDK is very limited to what they can do compared to P3D and so on.
Thats why MS needs to fully open the SDK

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Nope is longer the case, you can check FSDT fourms, they shared the progress there and everything is going fine

They need to open a LOT of the SDK, not just the ground services, but a lot of the rest, so that third-party specialists can either 1. take the features that are already available in the base software and add to or deduct from it or 2. totally bypass whatever there is in the base software and inject/replace it with their own, custom stuff. Take Prepar3D or FSX for example. Fly one of the default GA planes for half an hour, then install and fly the A2A C172 for 10 minutes. The difference is day and night. That’s because A2A can legally go fully external with not only the entire flight model but systems as well. FSLabs and many other established and reputed developers do the same. For example:

The developers at Asobo and Jorg from MS have said repeatedly in the past that they need to go broad instead of going deep into one or two things. And that’s correct. If from tomorrow they stop doing everything and decide to make a good flight model for an Airbus, nothing else will get done. This is why it’s important that third-parties are given more intimate access to the SDK, an access so deep that they can add to it or fully bypass it if they need to. They are experts at what they do and have been doing these for both home desktop and commercial clients for decades. The serious flight sim users and community aren’t able to take MSFS seriously until this happens. This sandboxing mentality, that everything needs to be compatible with both PC and Xbox, that everything needs to happen Microsoft’s way, that everything needs to run on Microsoft’s sandbox, that everything needs to be accessible by everyone, needs to stop.

If you think about it, if P3D was just now be in a closed world like MSFS, it would definitely die, what saved it is that, all these high quality add-ones doing all their computation externally, which give them opportunity to bypass P3D default crappy stuff. Meanwhile MSFS, has to get this right by default, because it lives in closed world. But I think definitely, they will get it right, X-Plane has got its default aerodynamic in a very good way and non from the quality add-ones there use external model, they are all relying on the default one which I guess it will be same story for MSFS. That is another reason, why didn’t PMDG or FSL just develop for X-Plane instead of P3D🤔. But I guess, it is for historical reasons since they have the experience with ESP based platforms and Simconnect APIs.

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Oh definitely. P3D in its default state has absolutely nothing going for it. Scenery, FM, AP everything is garbage. I have the high-end addons for it (PMDG, FSLabs, A2A and lots more) and when I use them, I don’t even look outside. It looks, feels and taste like garbage from top to bottom. XP too to some extent. That’s why when you say:

I have to whole-heartedly agree. If it weren’t for those high-end aircraft addons, and if it weren’t for the fact that the core sim’s developers and producers worked very closely together with the 3rd party aircraft devs from the very beginning, P3D would have died years and years ago.

Having that openness and willing to co-operate with the 3rd party “aircraft” developers is exactly what they did from the very beginning. Watch Frooglesim’s video about it which he published back in 2013 when one of the first versions of P3D came out. You will hear him say that at that time the P3D devs were literally hunting and begging for 3rd parties to embrace their platform, and in return they’d give them all sorts of access and help the 3rd parties asked for.

This is the exact kind of thing that I believe will end up causing more hurt than benefit in the long run in my opinion, although I’ve been noticing some changes lately although at a very slow pace. Like for example, PMDG in one of their latest official announcements have stated that they have now cleared a lot of hurdles, and the SDK is no longer a barrier to them, and that their earlier guidance for the release date of the 737NG for MSFS is now much “softer” (meaning we could get it sooner than previously announced). I’m sure you’ve read it already in their forums. Although they didn’t give more details as to whether or not Microsoft is now allowing them to “inject” their own stuff into the MSFS software, it’s a good news nevertheless I’d say.

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