Please, pretty please let the next update/fix unbork ATC


I don’t need it to be completely real-world realistic.
I just want it functional.

Sing it from the rooftops my friend! If I could go back to FSX, hell, even FS9 ATC, I’d be a happy camper for the most part. I used to complain about being vectored to final 15 miles from the airport, now I long for it! As a real world controller who doesn’t have SIDs and STARs in our TRACON, vectors to final is our bread and butter. Sure, I’ll issue the occasional proceed direct said fix, cross at or above 4000’, cleared ILS runway 36 approach (as an approach controller, not the tower controller :laughing:), but at our airport, if I did that every time, with P28As mixed with CRJs, and B767s, efficiency would be out the window.


I’m not a real-world pilot, but in the early 90’s I worked at KDLH as a lineman, refueling planes. One night when it was quiet, instead of requesting clearance to the other side of the field, I requested takeoff from runway 27.

We had a good laugh.


I see they did not accomplish this.

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