Please prevent FS2020 being closed by accident in VR

There is nothing to stop the 3D mouse cursor interacting with the normal windows menu and it extremely annoying that you can just quit the game because you happen to have moved the cursor to top corner of the window were the close icon is while interacting with cockpit buttons in VR.

It took me ages to work out the reason I keep CTD is because I’m clicking the X in the windows menu bar without knowing it and the game DOESN’T ASK IF YOU ARE SURE YOU WANT TO QUIT!! It just quits the game. Many of the AP functions are towards the upper right to it is super easy to quit the game by accident just after take off or as you start your final approach and it SUPER ANNOYING!!

It just happened to me again for about the 10th time when I quit the game by mistake turning the Yaw Damper off at the end of a two hour flight.

Please add a ‘Are you sure you want to quit’ message box window. I bet most of the VR CTD bug reports are because the game has been closed by mistake.

Just Alt + Enter (full-screen) before you go into VR (Ctrl + Tab)

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Won’t that give the GPU more work rendering a full screen rather than small window, or doesn’t it work like that?

I don’t think it makes the GPU work any harder (not that I have noticed) but don’t quote me on that :slight_smile:

I just tried it and it doesn’t affect GPU performance. Thank you very much for the solution :smile:

Glad to hear & you are most welcome :slight_smile: