Please release a VR hotfix ASAP

Brilliant, thanks, I’ll give it a go.

Build a physical cockpit / panel. No more mouse issues.

Aside from clicking the silly “Ready to fly” button, I have no need for a mouse. Granted, I fly the steam gauge 172 exclusively, and have all buttons, switches and radios placed as they would be IRL.

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Please take note. The original VR issues of the menu interaction bug have been resolved in the Beta version, but A NEW BUG was introduced with the Beta in VR.

All inputs from peripherals except the main joystick axes, lock up and cannot be moved when the mouse is hovering over the window menu or any window opened from there. This can be really disruptive during certain aspects of flight. MS are aware and have not stated their intention to fix this yet.

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Im experiencing this issue in the latest public build.
It only started occurring after the ctrl 0 workaround and particularly in the Kodiak and EMB 110.

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So sad that these VR issues were left unresolved before the Xmas/NY break. I have the ctrl+0 workaround as the you cant use zoom and a few other strange behaviors. Lets hope Asobo get this fixed ASAP as it is putting me off playing the Sim


I agree. I am fed up with having to modify my behaviour in the sim to avoid these random and frustrating bugs.

If it wasn’t for the last year of continual dissapointment in the way MS/Asobo provide great new functionality but at the same time, breaking fundamental aspects of the sim, I would be shocked that they would leave us VR users compromised for such a long time !

Sadly, I am no longer shocked by this anymore, just depressed by it.


Had been doing some sim racing for a while, so late to the MSFS VR complaint party.
WOW! What a mess.

As a software engineer and manager of software engineers, this is a joke.

Back to SIM Racing I guess.


Yep been spending most of my time in iRacing and other sims. Strange when the Live Weather goes wrong it gets fixed quickly, speaks volumes to how much they care about VR.

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Right now the Devs and MS dont give 2 hoots about VR…The toolbar bug was fixed before the Xmas holidays and still they didint give us a hotfix for it…But as above live weather goes down its fixed within 24 hours…This is beyond a joke

And before someone says…I dont want to be in the Beta…No way im risking breaking my install to get rid of it once a genral release goes live


Downloaded version but still have to do the ctrl+0 to get Vr controllers or mousse to work.
Am i doing somthing wrong, this thing is driving me insane?!

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Kinda ruins the whole night doesn’t it? I have had similar issues many Saturday mornings. VR controllers are more hassle than they are worth if you ask me. The mouse works fine in VR, or at least it did.

I finished updating and the taskbar returned to working normally.

Does not to me, still have to press ctrl+0 to get Vr controllers to work, thought they fixed it.

Strange, I now have a TBM 930 and it’s normal

Do you mean that you switch to Vr mode and your controllers are working without pressing ctrl+0 ?

Yes. I don’t need to do this.

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ok thanks, still have the issue and not sure what to do.

Solved the bar, but now it’s giving a problem in the power control of the TBM, using the saitek throttle

I had two throttle control losses during four flights with my Logitech stick.

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Same here, also the joystick in plane moves back and forth when held in Vr.
Did they even test the version before release ?
So much feedback for what lol

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