Please remove loading circle during flight

It may be useful to diagnose streaming issues etc. but it’s distracting and reduces the immersion in flight.

Could the texture it uses be replaced with a Alpha channel only one, perhaps? Or simply an empty file. I don’t know if it’s even a discrete file, or maybe part of a larger single file.

If it’s useful for the user to see it, they still could make it dependent on if the developer mode is enabled.
Showing a circle without any purpose for me as a player is just pointless, so they should definitely disable this.

Depending on whether it is a dedicated texture or something used everywhere else in the sim, I’d be careful making it invisible by modifying the opacity in the texture file.

Remove it completely or at least have it as an option (to not show it at all). Can’t stand UI elements that distract. I’d like the same option on the chevron which appears (to access the menus) any time the mouse moves. Happy to open menus with a key press.

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I agree on all your points. 1 upvote more from me.

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Yep it’s distracting and shouldn’t be there.

Or just don’t display it LOL, have it as an option within the Dev mode if it needs to be visualized.

There’s a mod for this:

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You have my vote. I have no idea why it’s needed to show this. It always happens when my sim is running fine.

That seems to be talking about the toolbar a the top, not the loading circle at the bottom right.

That would seem to be a good compromise.

I’ll take a look. Thanks.